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Padania Win Viva World Cup in Gozo

Malta Independent Friday, 11 June 2010, 00:00 Last update: about 8 years ago

Padania won the Viva World Cup for the third time in succession after beating Kurdistan in last week’s final.

They won both competitions – males and females – as they also beat Gozo’s girls team twice to clinch that event as well.

In the qualifying round, Padania beat Gozo narrowly 2-1. Then they beat Occitania 1-0.

In the semi-finals, Padania beat Regno delle Due Sicilie 2-0 while Kurdistan beat Occitania 2-1. In the final Padania emerged winners 1-0. Occitania finished third after beating Regno delle Due Sicilie 2-0 in the match for third and fourth place. Gozo finished fifth after beating Provence 2-1 with goals from R. Buttigieg and J. Camilleri in the match for fifth and sixth place.

In Gozo’s other match in the qualifying round, they were beaten 5-0 by Occitania.

In the women’s field, Padania emerged winners for the first time as they beat Gozo in the two matches played. They won 4-0 in the first leg and 3-0 in the second.

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