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Sometimes I do. Sometimes I don’t. Here I talk to UK Singer Songwriter and Social Marketing Guru ANDREA BRITTON the Founder of GETMALTA - in the hope that she might help me get it!

So Andrea, first of all please tell us more about yourself.

I have been in the music industry promoting, singing, writing and touring for over 15 years and I have been lucky to perform in some of the world’s most amazing stages with some pretty amazing people. My major tours and festivals include Kylie, Kelly Rowland, Moloko, Damien Rice, Faithless, Glastonbury, The Big Chill and V Festival.

I began my media journey in the office at Magazine House in the 90s, went on to run a hugely successful live music venue and then set up, managed and controlled the running and development of a brand new events company that operated six notable venues in London. Handling all aspects of event planning, management, parties, seasonal occasions, weddings, showcases and large corporate functions, it eventually resulted in offering all these services under one roof.

This obviously encompassed PR and when the social media boom began, I was right at the forefront of it. Using the internet and social media to promote what I and other people were doing.  So you could say I learnt from the ground up.  The best way to learn in my book! I started managing other peoples’ online PR and loved it! My contacts started to grow and here I am!

I also write a blog about how to promote yourself online using social media and offer tips and tricks that anyone can use to develop their brand, product or service and reach a wider audience.  The blog was an instant hit and in less than a year I got over 8,000 followers! The blog can be found at


You have recently published your first book, ‘One Giant Leap Into Social Media Marketing’, on 1 May. In a nutshell, what is it about?

That’s right, I have recently released a book on social media and using it for marketing. I have come across 3 kinds of people when it comes to social media. The first are ‘all over it like a rash’, the second ‘dip in and out’ and the third set up a profile page on their preferred channel and then walk off into the sunset!

The book is mainly for people who are in charge of a social media platform for themselves, a business or even a friend or family member. These folk are pretty much  Inbound Marketers and they have a say in that person’s /brand or companies online success. That makes them very important and the book will show you how to manage that.

For example, I still come across people that are using Twitter incorrectly and although Malta hasn’t quite embraced Twitter with open arms, it’s slowly becoming more popular because people are seeing it as a lead generation tool, a marketing tool and a way to engage with their customers, in real time!  But listen, you can’t just steam in and start selling your wares. I use the analogy of walking into a networking party with work – there is plenty of new business around, potential new clients etc. You wouldn’t just walk up to them and say, “Hi my name is Mario and I sell this – Do you want one?”  You would engage with them, get to know them, ask them questions...  It’s no different online, but people think that just because you are typing something rather than saying something, you can get away with being impolite!  It’s called social media for a reason. It’s social!


Please explain to us – what is GETMALTA?

GETMALTA will be Malta’s first lifestyle brand for the people. It’s relevant, on trend and will cover Music, Fashion, Art, Design, Writing, Film, Location, Events and Weddings. It’s a lifestyle brand which will awaken Malta’s almost numb pop culture and develop this as a scene in itself which will inevitably provide a rostrum for the new culture of Malta. Giving new talent a platform for worldwide acknowledgement.

GETMALTA will be an advertisers dream. B2B business will be able to connect and advertise and they will want their company logo on our pages. Many have tried to pull this concept off in the past but have missed the boat on how to deliver it. I have the contacts, the passion and knowledge to make this a success.

Having successfully run The Malta Wedding Company for three years, I have brought countless groups into Malta and offered them a non-traditional, contemporary wedding experience that they would have never been able to achieve by their own research. This company will now merge with GETMALTA and become GETMARRIED.  You will see that GET brand running throughout the site.


Is it the brand’s mission to give both local talent and businesses an international platform?

Yes and by God does Malta need this! Yes you could argue that we already have Facebook and Twitter but there isn’t a specific hub where Maltese talent and the folk that are looking for that talent, can meet, network, make money and get inspired.

We aim to provide a unique networking base where people can interact, make contact and develop their careers outside of the island. Our members will be able to sign in with Facebook and all relevant social media channels and spread the word like wildfire.



Who can participate in GET MALTA as a lifestyle brand, and do you have the support of any local celebrities?

It has to be the peoples’ brand.  They have to run it. And with the boom of Social Media, it ties in nicely with it being Malta’s first Social Platform that gives up and coming talent an online stage and their audience will be the rest of the world.  It’s a lifestyle brand which will awaken Malta’s almost numb pop culture and develop this as a scene in itself which will inevitably provide a rostrum for the new culture of Malta.

You could say I have a few noted friends on the island who have all championed the brand, they know who they are! I will also be bringing celebrities and talent from abroad to interact with Maltese artists, singers, musicians designers etc.  For example, we aim to run a songwriting camp 2013/14 where chosen Maltese songwriters get to work with writers from London who are signed to major publishing houses.  This will guarantee them being credited on tracks used within the industry and in turn, getting more work. I am currently looking for sponsorship for this.


You are about to launch the GET MALTA homepage, tell us more.

Well, we are not quite ready yet – but we do have a competition to launch that will be an integral part of our home page and the winner will gain exposure via our brand worldwide when we launch next year!

We are looking for six illustrations of the GETMALTA Culture Bunny!

Our culture bunny will be the very pulse of GETMALTA.  He will be scurrying around the island pointing out what’s hot and what’s not! He is fun, intelligent, happy, positive, cuddly, and wears many hats! He reads, writes, dresses up, sunbathes, swims, sings, draws, produces films, designs, eats, sleeps and he is a networker. He loves connecting people, keeping his finger on the pulse - he is a bunny of our time!

We are looking for an original illustration of a bunny that can be altered with each culture genre. For Example; A musical bunny, A fashion bunny, An arty bunny, A film buff bunny, A news bunny, And a writer bunny!



How can local designers participate in GET MALTA’s design competition? Is the main prize exposure overseas?

All you have to do is provide us with your illustration/animations via email at [email protected]. The winner will be chosen before we launch and receive huge exposure via our brand.  For more information go to our Facebook page and click like!


What led you to fall in love with Malta in particular, as a popular destination and cultural hub?

Well many may know that my love affair with Malta started 10 years ago. It is now like a second home to me. I am over many times throughout the year.  Over time, meeting brilliant, gifted people I realised that there was a gap in the market for GETMALTA and it would affect real people’s lives giving them opportunities that I, for example had plenty of living in London. 

As my journey developed, I met more and more people with the same core passions and that was mainly to highlight that Malta is more than sun, sea and history!  It has amazing talented people living here, a phenomenal social culture, great restaurants, bars and businesses offering quality services. It is an island of opportunity and Valletta winning the title of European Capital of Culture sets that in stone! I’m so happy about that!

You are also a renowned singer who has released a number of successful albums, performed in Malta quite a few times as well as supported Faithless in concert here on the island. Do you intend to perform here again this coming year?

I always jump at the chance of performing in Malta – I have always has such amazing receptions wherever I have played especially at Level 22 in St Julian’s.  One of my favourite places on the island. I recently sang at the opening of Armani Jeans at The Point and plan to bring over my band to BJs sometime soon, we are just sorting dates.


Do you do both house music videos and more mellow live songs?

I love all music and if it makes you move, then I am doing my job well!


Could you share with us some info about your latest music album, and a few YouTube links to your songs?

My latest tracks are called ‘Not before I see you first’ written with Alexander Roggendorf and ‘Make me Dance’, written with Gary N. Visit:

I have been writing for the winner of the X Factor in Hong Kong and will be writing an album in the near future but GETMALTA is my main priority right now.


And finally, what’s next on GET MALTA’s agenda?

I am looking for involvement of any kind. Remember it’s the people’s brand. The way I see it and many agree - that GETMALTA will be an accredited brand.  Championing and pioneering all that is great and new about Malta. The potential of its growth is enormous and of course, I want to make it a huge success and I want the people involved to be successful. I am looking for investors, content writers and anyone who has an idea of how they can put their stamp on the brand.  It most definitely is a creative process and that’s what makes it so brilliant!

Whether you are business owner, a blogger that wants to reach a wider audience, an upcoming band that wants to take on the world, a DMC, an events company etc. there will be a place for you and your best friend! Anyone that wishes to be part of Malta's most exciting online platform to date!


If you GET IT – show your support and download a GETMALTA flyer from their Facebook wall and upload a photo with you holding it up, just like Ira did!

Join and share with GET MALTA on Twitter @GETmalta and

Facebook/GETmalta and

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