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Glitter and glamour

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Where may have readers seen you or your work over the years?

My main career is tailoring. I started in this industry when I was very young. In the last few years I’ve been making costumes for various Christmas pantomimes at the Manoel, MFCC and other theatres, as well as plays, musicals and nightclub shows, as well as various sports and other mascots. I am also the director of two companies – Face to Face Drama and Louie' Noir Modelling through which I have produced various events such as: musicals, Easter pageants, comedies, modelling competitions and fashions shows.


When and why did you take up this career in show business?

Show business is in my family’s blood. family. For me it started when I was eight years old when I started singing, dancing and acting. Later, when I was sixteen, I opened my own dance company called Silver Revlis Dancers. Around this time I also started creating costumes for operas produced at the Manoel Theatre.


Which moment from your career do you treasure most?

The most memorable experiences in my career are when I was asked to be the choreographer for various fashion shows and competitions in Tunisia and Egypt, and also when I designed and created six corsets for the TV MODA show.


What do you prefer, appearing on stage or designing and producing behind the scenes?

Although I am designer and producer, I prefer appearing on stage and TV. It’s because when you’re acting, you have to create a totally different character from your own and I consider that an interesting challenge.   


Can you recall any adventures or embarrassing situations from your showbiz life so far that you can share with us?

Once, I was performing a New Year’s Eve cabaret show when I fell and broke my arm. The show had to go on and I performed the rest of it in great pain. Another time, our dressing rooms were situated in a gym next to some squash courts. The court doors were transparent and I walked straight into one of them on the way to the stage much to the amusement of my fellow performers. Unfortunately it was also very painful.


Which do you consider your favourite costume designs?

I have an endless list of favourite costumes but the ones I prefer the most are the puppets which I had created for a local TV show. They were later used in an international TV show. I also love the nightclub costumes which are full of feathers, diamonds and bijous, and the over-the-top Christmas pantomime costumes.


Who are the people you have enjoyed working with most over the years?

As I’ve worked with a huge diversity of local actors, performers and models it’s impossible to say who I enjoyed working with the most as there’s always something new, different and interesting to discover when making new contacts. This happens particularly when I’m part of the wardrobe crew for the films that are filmed in Malta as in these situations, one meets a lot of different people each with their own creative ideas.


Tell us about your next projects...

My next project is the Modelling competition for the title of Mr and Miss Louie’ Noir which will be held next year. I’ve come up with a very new and inventive way for it to be staged. Recently I was also invited to choreograph another show abroad.


What is your theatrical ambition?

One of my ambitions is to produce a black light theatre show. At the moment I’m working on this with a group of drama students as we all consider it to be something innovative for Malta. Moreover, I would really like to be part of Cirque du Soleil as it is one of the shows I have always found inspirational.


How can people find out more about you and your shows?

You can visit my Facebook pages: Louie Noir and Arte Vera Drama.



Name: Noel Zarb a.k.a Louie Noir

Job description: Fashion designer, Tailor & Director of Face to Face Drama & Louie' Noir Modelling

Born: 1968

Started career: 1984

Hometown: Hamrun  

Currently live: Santa Venera

Family: Wife Marica and daughter Carly

Hobbies: Acting and Dancing

Favourite actors: Catherine Zeta Jones & Sophia Loren

Favourite play/show: Matilda – The Musical & Cirque du Soleil

Favourite designer: Versace

Favourite music: Queen

Favourite film: Avatar & Cirque du Soleil Worlds Away

Favourite city: Paris

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