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2014 was the third hottest year on record, average temperature reaches 19.88 degrees Celsius

Tuesday, 20 January 2015, 12:51 Last update: about 6 years ago

Last year was Malta’s third hottest year on record, with an average annual temperature of 19.88°C.

Since records began in 1923, the heat recorded last year was only exceeded twice before: in 2001 (19.94°C) and 1999 (19.90°C).

Last year was also brighter, drier and less windy than the average for Malta.

The hottest month of the year was September, which also happened to be the hottest month on record, with average temperature soaring beyond 34°C.

Meanwhile, December was the coldest with average temperature dropping to 7.7°C, and a rare form of precipitation appearing in the form of snow pellets.

The hottest day was August 14, when the mercury soared to 34.7°C, while the coldest day was December 31, when temperatures dropped to 2.8°C — this was the second coldest day ever recorded in Malta since 1923.

On the whole, Malta enjoyed an average of 8.4 hours of sunshine each day, exceeding the daily average norm by 0.4 hours.

The brightest month was July, enjoying an average of 11.77 hours of bright sunshine and the clearest blue skies, with an average cloud cover of 1.3 oktas.

Meanwhile, the dullest month was December, seeing only an average of 5.51 hours of sunshine and March the cloudiest, reaching an average of 4.4 oktas. 

Between January and December, there was less rainfall and less wind than what is usually experienced across Malta.

Total rainfall registered was 504.3mm, 48.7mm below the yearly average of 553mm. In total, 34 days of thunder were recorded, 9 days of fog and 6 days of hail.

The driest months were July, August and September with a total of 0.2mm of rainfall each. The wettest month was December with 150.3mm. The highest rainfall amount in 24 hours was 30.8mm on December 29th.

April was the windiest month blowing at an average of 10 knots. However, the strongest wind gust occurred during November 7’s cyclone and blew at 64 knots from the northwest by west direction. This was the third highest wind gust recorded since 1923.

The mean wind speed was 8.26 knots blowing most frequently from the west by north direction. This was less than the norm of 8.8 knots.


The warmest sea temperature was recorded during the month of August, as it peaked 26.3°C. Meanwhile, the coldest sea temperature of 15.1°C was recorded in March.  

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