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2015 Limited Edition Perrier Inspired by Street Art

Tuesday, 20 October 2015, 17:33 Last update: about 9 years ago

Perrier is known for overturning conventions, and after calling on the creativity of three international stars of the street art movement in 2014, Perrier takes a new stand this year and turns to a single well-known artist: L'Atlas. This collaboration showcases a uniquely distinctive style of street art.

Perrier has always been in tune with the times so it was an obvious choice to turn to street art - one of the principal artistic movements of the 21st century. Having a large international resonance amongst the general public and in particular with the young population, the movement allows interaction with the people. It is diverse and a source of a variety of artistic inspirations, and it incarnates a number of strong values, many of them being representative for the brand Perrier. All this taken together, it is no surprise that Perrier has chosen to follow up with this second street art edition in 2015.

Master of the gaffer and of space, L'Atlas invents labyrinths with the barest of means at hand. For Perrier and the Inspired by Street Art limited edition, he has created a number of exclusive designs that beautify the cans and bottles by juxtaposing the notions of full and empty.

In fleshing out the project, he began with the logo, the L'Atlas blaze which, as in all his work, has to be deciphered amidst a maze of geometric lines. He then wanted to bring into play the very essence of Perrier sparkling water: the bubbles. Lastly, remembering earlier artwork for Perrier - the bubble, the tennis ball, the signature green and white - he worked to build on the tension and contrast between line and circle, "A dynamic specific to the exploding bubble".

"The size of the labels and the surface of the cans are not a constraint but rather an opportunity to do something new," commented L'Atlas.

Why collaborate with Perrier? L'Atlas' first answer is that Perrier is classy. Beyond that initial instinctive reaction, L'Atlas gives further clues: Perrier has a history of dressing up its bottles and cans with the help of well-known artists. Following on from Andy Warhol or Jonone, L'Atlas now writes a new page in the history of a brand with a unique relationship with art; Perrier makes the everyday special and by placing his hypnotic graphic motifs on Perrier cans and bottles, L'Atlas builds a bridge between his urban art and our everyday lives; Perrier is a unique brand, an internationally known French water associated with a certain art of living and enjoying life.

For L'Atlas, "Perrier is a brand that is part of my history, as it is for millions of people all over the planet. Teaming up with Perrier means vastly expanding my means of expression and my capacity for ubiquity."

Somewhere between painting, photography and video, the half optical works of Jules Dedet Granel aka L'Atlas are as mesmerizing as they are thought-provoking. The Parisian artist was born in 1978 and began graffing in the Nineties following his studies in art history, already enthralled by modern calligraphy.

Bridging the gap between Arab and Oriental calligraphic traditions, he studied with renowned artists in Egypt, Morocco and China adopting and combining the Kufic style (Kufic is a style of Arab calligraphy developed in the town of Kufa in Iraq. A modified form of old Syriac, it is the oldest calligraphic form of the Arabic scripts), the Latin alphabet and Chinese ideograms to which he added his own innate sense of the pure and the simple. L'Atlas has developed a personal pictorial style in which symbols cohabit with different currents in abstract and geometric art.

The 2015 limited edition Perrier Inspired by Street Art is available in Malta in 20cl glass, 33cl glass, 50cl PET and 1 litre PET packages. Perrier is imported, marketed and distributed by Farsons Beverage Imports Company (FBIC) Limited, a member of the Farsons Group.


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