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Latest grant scheme for purchase of electric vehicles improved and extended

Wednesday, 13 January 2016, 18:56 Last update: about 6 years ago

Transport Malta announced today that it was extending and improving the latest Grant Scheme on the Purchase of Electric Vehicles to promote electromobility for individuals, registered NGOs and Private Companies

“After the successful launch and full uptake of the 2013-2014 grant scheme to promote the use of Electric Vehicles between, Transport Malta, in conjunction with the Ministry for Transport and Infrastructure, is introducing an improved scheme in the form of a number of grants to incentivise the purchase of Battery Electric Vehicles and Battery Electric Quadricyclles which is now open for the general public, Registered NGOs and Private Companies.

This scheme is aimed at reducing the number of old motor vehicles from the road while promoting the use of clean and energy efficient vehicles as a way to contribute towards the  reduction of traffic generated pollution and   improvement of  air quality levels.

Subject to various conditions, the grant is divided in three combinations and besides applicable to private persons it has now been extended to registered NGOs and the business community as indicated in the scheme itself.

A grant of €7,000 will be given to persons registering a new electric vehicle (or an electric hybrid vehicle capable to carry out at least 80 km on pure electricity) while scrapping an older vehicle which is at least ten years old from the year of manufacture.

The grant shall decrease from €7,000 to €4,000 in cases of persons registering in Malta a used Battery Electric Vehicle which has never been registered to be used on Maltese roads before, or for the purchased of a newly purchased electric vehicle but which is not in conjunction with the scrappage scheme referred to above.

In addition a grant of €2,000 is also on offer for those registering an electric quadricyle, irrespective of this being new or used as long as keeping in line with the conditions indicated in the published notice.

With respect to used electric vehicles, the grant is only applicable for Battery Electric Vehicles of being not more than 24 months old from date of first registration and not more than 12,000 km on the odometer

Applications will be handled on a first come first served basis. Companies which have already benefited from the last scheme with respect to electric vehicles are eligible to benefit again from this scheme as long as they are in line with state aid regulations. The declarations submitted in this regard will be scrutinised accordingly.

This is another initiative of the Ministry for Transport and Infrastructure and Transport Malta as part of Government policy to promote the use of clean and energy efficient vehicles.

In addition to this initiative, over the coming few weeks, the Government will launch other initiatives in the form of grants to assist new electric vehicle importers to invest in the technology and re-training of their staff as well as other measures for private companies to install electric car charging infrastructure.

These initiatives are over and above other measures and projects which the Government will launch over the coming few months to promote sustainable mobility, including car sharing and e-bike-sharing initiatives.”

Applications for these schemes shall be available, as from tomorrow, from Transport Malta Offices, Vehicle Licensing Unit, Hornsworks Ditch, Floriana or downloaded from

Further information can be obtained by contacting Transport Malta on freephone 8007 2393, by email on [email protected]  or online through the website.

To date, the total number of registered Battery Electric Vehicles and Hybrids has increased to 612 units of which 163 are full electric while the remaining 449 are hybrid units. 

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