The Malta Independent 14 October 2019, Monday

PN reiterates call for government to lower fuel prices as 'families are paying for corruption'

Gabriel Schembri Saturday, 13 February 2016, 12:04 Last update: about 5 years ago

The Nationalist Party has reiterated its call for the government to lower the prices of fuel as Maltese families are paying much more than they should for the commodity.

Shadow minister for Eergy, Transport and Infrastructure Marthese Portelli told the media at a press conference today that  altese families and businesses are paying for the government's corruption.

This corruption, Dr Portelli said, was being mainly manifested through the price of diesel and petrol in Malta, which when compared to other EU countries, is much higher than average.

"The Gaffarena scandal and the visa permissions were some of the greatest manifestation of the government's level of corruption", she said.

The PN press conference was held in front of the Gaffarena petrol station in Qormi. The Gaffarena family has been embroiled in a political controversy that involved the transfer of government lands, and is now also the subject of a court case.

She reminded how, currently, the price of fuel oil is as low as $25 per barrel and price is expected to keep on falling.

"It is ironic to see how other EU countries that have higher salaries are paying for cheaper fuel".

Austria, Belgium, France, Holland, the UK and Luxemburg are among the EU countries who have lower fuel prices.

Also present for the press conference was Albert Buttigieg, a PN candidate for the next general election and Saint Paul's Bay Mayor Graziella Galea.

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