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Pizza named after Emmy Bezzina – of course, it has peas

Saturday, 13 February 2016, 15:23 Last update: about 5 years ago

The popularity of television presenter Emmy Bezzina is growing by leaps and bounds – and now he has a pizza named after him

An outlet in Birkirkara is selling a pizza called Emmy Bezzina and, needless to say, it has peas among its ingredients

A lawyer by profession, Dr Bezzina has become famous for the colourful expressions used during his programme, in particular when he receives calls from viewers who do not agree with him.

He has often described them as pea-brains, and so it is not a surprise that peas are among the ingredients of the pizza.

What has disappointed some is that no onions are included – as “onions marinated in mice droppings” is another expression that has been used regularly by the presenter.

Apart from the tomato sauce and mozzarella, which are customary items used in a pizza, the other ingredients on the Emmy Bezzina special at the Joe tas-Sunny Bar are salami and ham.

Who knows, maybe the presenter – who last week was the ‘protagonist’ of the Nadur Carnival – will come up with some other terms using salami and ham.

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