The Malta Independent 16 October 2019, Wednesday

Alternattiva Demokratika against political party involvement in judicial appointments

Sunday, 14 February 2016, 13:40 Last update: about 5 years ago

Alternattiva Demokratika is against political party involvement when it comes to choosing members of the judiciary.

AD Chairperson Prof Arnold Cassola said today, that while there seems to be national consensus that the government of the day should no longer appoint members of the judiciary, there are still differences on the proposed method of appointment. 

"Alternattiva Demokratika is totally against the PN proposal that is suggesting one representative of the government and the other of the opposition on the five person board nominating judges and magistrates. We do not accept having to subject these nominations to the vetting of the two parties, who already dominate the Broadcasting Authority and the Electoral Commission."

"In this respect, Alternattiva Demokratika sticks to its electoral manifesto proposal that judges and magistrates should no longer be appointed by the Government but by the President of the Republic. They should then undergo a parliamentary hearing and finally be subject to confirmation by a majority in Parliament. This would ensure checks and balances between the executive power (exercised in this case by the President of the Republic) and the legislature."

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