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Panama Papers: Former Labour official, mayor tells Evarist Bartolo to shut up

Tuesday, 12 April 2016, 17:24 Last update: about 7 years ago

Alfred Grixti, a former Labour mayor and Labour Party official, told Minister Evarist Bartolo in no uncertain terms to keep his mouth shut on the Panamagate scandal now that the “leader has spoken”.

In a Facebook post Mr Grixti, who occupies the post of CEO at the Foundation for Social Welfare, said that this was not the right time to speak with newspapers.

Linking a story by The Malta Independent in which Mr Bartlo said he would resign if he found himself in Konrad Mizzi’s shoes, Mr Grixti wrote: “Nghidha bla tlaqliq…tkellem il-MEXXEJ u issa KULHADD JAGHLAQ HALQU…dan mhux zmien u hin inpacpcu zejjed mal-gazzetti”.

In English, “I’ll say this clearly…the leader has spoken. Now everyone shut up…this is not the right time to go and speak with newspapers.”

Alfred Grixti and Minister Evarist Bartolo have quite history. Many attribute his resignation from chairman of the Employment and Training Corporation (ETC) to the differences of opinion between the two.

Considered as a moderate thinker within the Labour Party, Grixti held important positions in the party. He was also a candidate for the post of General Secretary within what was referred to as the Malta Labour Party.

This morning, Mr Bartolo told The Malta Independent that if he were Konrad Mizzi, he would take Alfred Sant’s advice and resign.

Speaking to The Malta Independent, Mr Bartolo said that he also would never have opened a company in Panama. "Personally, as a politician, I have to shoulder responsibility and not put it on someone else's shoulder."

Former leader Alfred Sant had earlier said that Dr Mizzi should shoulder responsibility and resign. Dr Mizzi, along with the OPM chief of staff Keith Schembri, are embroiled in what has been dubbed the biggest scandal in history after opening up companies in Panama.

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