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Malta voted among fan and bookie favourites as best host for Eurovision 2017

Saturday, 14 May 2016, 11:08 Last update: about 9 years ago

As Malta gears up to enjoy the Eurovision Song contest tonight, Ireland’s Eurovision website has polled Malta to be among the top favourite destination to host the event next year. That is, if we win, of course.

As Ira dons her make-up and the stunning number of a dress (more about that inside on page 4&5), it seems that those who voted on the extensive online poll and the bookies, think that it would be great if Malta could host the next show, in al fresco Isle of MTV style.

The respondents also voted Russia, Australia, France and Sweden into the top four destinations. But why Malta?

Eurovision Irelands said that Malta is “The small island with the biggest Eurovision heart!”

The website said that Malta should have won Eurovision on several occasions before including back in 2002 when Ira Losco was, in the eyes of many, ‘robbed’ of a victory. The other entries referred to Mary Spiteri and Eurovision legend Terry Wogan’s favourite performer – Chiara.

The poll findings said: “If Malta were to win Eurovision it would be certainly be a case of #WOW! They have their A-game face on this year and here is what fans have been saying on-line why Eurovision should be in Malta.”

The website went on to quote what it said would be the pros and cons of hosting the event in Malta.


·         The entire island would be a Eurovision paradise for the entire year of 2017! Having been there for their hosting of Junior Eurovision in 2014 the country was 200% behind the contest!

·         Could we have the first ever open aired Eurovision Song Contest? Malta hosts every year the outdoor spectacular that is ‘The Isle of MTV’ where 50 thousand plus party goers #ComeTogether for an outdoor concert. Every year it is a huge event and would certainly be innovative for Eurovision.

·         Getting to Malta is so simple! Being a massive holiday destination Eurovision 2017 would be affordable and high-class accommodation is not a problem at all! Getting a flight there is cheap thanks to airlines like Ryanair flying to the island from all over Europe at a darn low price!

·         How far does your Euro go? I ate like a king – no make that TWO kings – when I spent 3 weeks in Malta last year. Great food and wine at a fraction of the Euro price across Europe makes Malta a destination that all Eurovision fans could afford and even go for the 2 weeks!

·         PBS knows how to stage a show! Consistently every year Malta’s National Selection for Eurovision puts their larger counterparts to shame! They have hosted Junior Eurovision in 2014 and it was contemporary and fresh and they are set to do it again in November this year. So they know how to do it!

·         Now I get selfish! They have 3 pronged plugs and drive on the correct side of the road and they have 5 Nuns I want to meet again #Just Saying


·         Would Malta hosting the contest in 2017 mean a smaller venue and fewer tickets for fans? That seems to be coming up a lot on Eurovision forums.

·         Would there be a reduction in the number of community press accreditation in a potentially smaller contest?

·         Would the public transport be able to cope with a huge influx of delegations, press and fans on the island all at once?

·         Would Malta – already a huge holiday destination – be able to accommodate a massive additional influx of visitors?

·         Would a small country be able to financially cope with Junior Eurovision, MESC and Eurovision all in the space of 6 months?

·         You can’t walk down a main street in Malta without seeing a Maltese Eurovision star – would they be able to cope with the few hundred THOUSAND selfie requests from fans!


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