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MP insists Alfred Mifsud should be suspended from his post until investigations are concluded

Gabriel Schembri Tuesday, 21 June 2016, 21:15 Last update: about 9 years ago

Nationalist MP Kristy Debono has called on the government to suspend Mr Mifsud from his post as Deputy Governor of the Central Bank until the investigations are concluded. "Deputy Governor is a very serious post. The government or the Central Bank should ask for his suspension until case is closed."

"At this stage, I call on the government to look at the Opposition, not as adversaries, but as a helping hand in safeguarding our country's reputation."

Speaking at this evening's adjournment in Parliament, Kristy Debono said that the case had to be taken very seriously because such allegations were never made on a local or European level.  "The Prime Minister shouldn't have dragged his feet in matters which concern the Central Bank. This has been another case which shows the government's lack of will to take action, just like what happened with the Panama Papers."

She said the government could not sit for a grilling from the European Central Bank on a candidate facing such serious allegations.

"Such cases should be nipped in the bud, and not let them grow. The Prime Minister should have taken this opportunity to take action before it is too late."

She said that it should have been the Prime Minister who asks Alfred Mifsud to refrain from running for the post of Central Bank Governor, instead of waiting a whole week and a half until the person takes the decision.

"These last few days were harmful for the Central Bank and it should have been the government to step in and tackle the issue, not Mr Mifsud himself."

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