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Watch: Brexit is vote against what is not functioning in EU – Minister Evarist Bartolo

Rachel Attard and Gabriel Schembri Friday, 24 June 2016, 12:06 Last update: about 9 years ago

Minister for Education and Employment Evarist Bartolo said that the vote by the British against the EU, is a vote against what is not functioning in the European Union.

Speaking to The Malta Independent, the Minister said “this is a vote against excessive expenditure and against people who are cut off from the people’s reality.”

“The EU has to reflect a lot on this result. The European Union is a beautiful project, but it has to remove the elitist idea and keep in touch with its people.”

Evarist Bartolo said the next step is to look ahead for the negotiations. “But the world does not stop today,” he added. On Brexit’s effect on education, the Minister said tuition fees for Maltese students studying abroad might increase. “Will British Universities start charging Maltese students at a foreigner’s rate? In that case, the price will probably increase.”

Minister Evarist Bartolo had campaigned against Malta’s membership into the EU. Asked whether he still thinks in the same way, the Minister said one must look at the historic perspective.

“It so happens that a referendum usually splits the public and we had tried to avoid this polarisation, because in Malta it was an issue of either you’re in and you’re in heaven, or stay out and face hell. What we tried to do is to find a common ground. Ultimately, the values of democracy, dialogue and union are things we always cherished.”

Finance Minister Edward Scicluna said that with regards to Malta this referendum has its negative and positive effects. The negative aspects that we need to discuss is the effect on tourism and financial services.


Minister for Tourism Edward Zammit Lewis said that as a country we were prepared for any outcome, however as we had already stated this situation has more disadvantages than advantages.  During the past 40 years tourism from Britain was always a column of our economy, but the Brexit decision will not have an immediate impact on us. However Minister Zammit Lewis added that as from this morning we started speaking with British tourist operators to see how we can work things out.


Minister for Family and Social Solidarity Michael Farrugia said that Malta was prepared to any eventuality and now we have to discuss what the way forward should be.

Justice Minister Owen Bonnici said that this was not the result he was expecting but he hopes that after this result the European Union will become more flexible.




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