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A plane crash and the American election

Simon Mercieca Monday, 31 October 2016, 08:05 Last update: about 4 years ago

As rightly observed by the Malta Independent, the crash of a small plane at Luqa Airport has brought to the fore Nato, British, French, Italian and American interests in Malta. Such an interest was being hidden from us, citizens of this country by Malta’s present government. This accident should be an eye-opener for the Opposition and should explain, once and for all, why the Obama administration is squarely behind Joseph Muscat’s Government. If Hillary Clinton is elected, Malta will continue to have a continuation of the present policy: a Labour government pushing a pseudo-liberal and “anti-Christian” agenda on one hand, in return for support from the Clinton administration.


In return for the support of America, the Labour Party has moved away from its historic anti-American antics reminiscent of Mintoff’s time. Today, Malta’s Labour Party is one of the most pro-American governments in Europe. One only needs to look at the newspaper L-Orizzont and analyse the way it reports on its back page stories of American interest. The pro-American bias starts from the first line of the reported tale, going to show how much the political culture has changed within the Labour Party over these past years.

The latest story of the Russian warships clearly proves the point. While Nato ships have no problem to refuel here in Malta, and Western agents use our airports with impunity against Libya, Russian replenishment vessels are not allowed to refuel in Malta although there are now rumours that they were at first given permission. The issue here is not whether the Russian warships should refuel here or not, but the partiality that is being expressed by this government. My creed is either we offer our refuelling services to all or to nobody. The measures being adopted by our Foreign Office can prove extremely dangerous and somewhat puerile. The Russians have other means of refuelling should they find a door shut in their face.

But American interest and support comes at a cost. It is now quite obvious that the plane that crashed last Monday was used in connection with Libya. The reasons are not yet clear and I am sure that we will never be told the truth. Different stories have been bandied and a number of conspiracy theories have been formulated. It is not even sure, whether the victims belonged to the French Secret Service or not. The only confirmed piece of information is that they were all military personnel. They were not backing the salvage of migrants in the Mediterranean but were on a military mission. This is why it is being kept under wraps. Had this tragic crash not happened, we would never have known that there are such air missions operating out of Malta.

But such a crash cannot but prompt political questions. Maltawinds’ news portal mentioned the CIA’s involvement. Is it a case that France is doing the dirty work for the Obama’s administration at this particular moment when the US has upcoming elections? The American Embassy in Malta did not deny the news that the CIA or America was involved. If this is so, it proves Hillary Clinton’s political mess in the region. As in Syria, Libyans are dying but as these are victims of the West, few are interested in their plight.  The fact that our government took so long to issue a statement about this crash is a clear indication that it was awaiting instructions from other governments.

Whether America is involved or not is beyond the point. The truth is that this government of Joseph Muscat has reduced our country to a colony of Obama and Hillary Clinton. I don’t want to use the phrase, a colony of the Americans, as America is a great country. But this story exposes the sheer hypocrisy of the current party that is ruling America.

During the American electoral campaign, serious accusations were made against Hillary Clinton. As Secretary of State, she was accused of supporting dangerous Muslim terrorists, including ISIS. In return, countries like Saudi Arabia were paying her good money. The money did not go directly to her pockets but to her foundation. Whether these accusations are true or not, is for the American public to judge. What I am interested in are the implications of these rumours on Malta. The Americans are being accused of being behind Libyan factions that want to overthrow the Tripoli government that is recognized by the United Nations. Irrespective of the crash, the people of Malta deserve an explanation from our government as to why our Foreign Office is getting involved in this murky business.

The irony here is that the Opposition Leader, Simon Busuttil, is all in awe of Hillary Clinton. This is pure political madness. Supporting an American candidate, whose party has already shown that it is anti-PN and pro-Labour, is a clear act of political suicide.

The democrats of Obama are selling their liberal agenda in Europe with a purpose. This is a new form of cultural colonialism. Those parties in Europe that are ready to embrace this agenda are going to receive their support. This may have sounded a noble principle for those who believe in American civil rights. But behind issues of civil rights there are other agendas.

While Trump and the Republicans are being accused of having polarized the American and world media, Obama and his Democratic friends did even worse. They have been pushing dreadful and divisive policies and they are imposing these policies on Europe with disastrous effects. At least, Clinton and the Democrats have to be congratulated for their ability, as the story of this plane crash shows, to keep murky and dirty business under wraps.

The truth is that Obama has threatened Putin not to interfere in the American elections. For Obama and his administration, Russia is the enemy of the civilized world because it is refusing to adhere to principles of indoctrination. But then, the same Obama wants to interfere in other countries’ politics. He has interfered in the Brexit referendum in the UK. He asked the Brits to vote in favour. The result is known to everyone. He asked the Italians to support Renzi’s reforms and vote for Renzi in the referendum. The chances now are that Renzi will lose this referendum.

The only success of the Obama administration is in Malta. Obama is supporting Joseph Muscat. Unlike Britain and Italy, the Maltese electorate will heed Obama’s appeal. This will not happen because of Obama’s persuasive arguments but because Simon Busuttil pledged support to Clinton. Busuttil and his team think that the liberal agenda is going to earn the PN the next electoral victory. The truth is that those who support liberalism in Malta will be voting Labour irrespective of the Nationalist programme.

In this scenario, if Hillary Clinton wins, there is only one electoral result for Malta. The PN will lose the next election. If Clinton loses her presidential bid, Trump and the Republicans will not have an interest to meddle in our affairs.  Gender indoctrination is not one of Trump’s cards, nor the imposition of abortion in all those countries in the Western world that do not have such type of legislation. It is Clinton who wants to achieve this. Clinton knows that this is far easier achieved with Labour than the Nationalist Party.

Readers may disagree with my argument. But if elected, Hillary Clinton will support only those governments and parties that want to push the diversity agenda to the fore of their political discourse and remove the concept of God from Europe’s political nucleus. At the same time, in the name of diversity and thanks to the funds that will be forthcoming from particular Muslim states, she will choose to ignore the existence of the undemocratic Sharia Law that is imposed in various Arab and Muslim countries.  

The paradox of all this is that those deputies within the PN, who parade as paladins and defenders of Catholicism in Malta, are those who are supporting Clinton’s agenda. This only smacks of political hypocrisy if not brazen opportunism.

Returning back to the crash, there are far deeper implications than we will ever get to know. But this plane crash, which cost the life of at least five individuals, ended up exposing the hidden policy and subservience of our government - independent indeed!    

At least, without Clinton as President, one hopes that normal relations will be re-established with Russia and this country will cease to be depicted as Europe’s enemy in a clear attempt to divert European public attention from much more serious concerns of power and American neo-Imperialism in Europe.


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