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PN proposes solution to issues surrounding the movement of children between sports clubs

Julian Bonnici Thursday, 10 November 2016, 18:22 Last update: about 7 years ago

The opposition will be proposing the introduction of a Sports Appeal Board in order to combat the issue surrounding the transfer of children between sports nurseries, according to a statement released by PN Spokesperson for Sport, David Agius.

As reported on The Malta Independent a number of children within the sport set up find themselves subject to extortionate nursery compensation fees which could amount to thousands.  These fees are imposed onto children playing competitive sport from 12 to 19 years old, and must be paid should a player wish to leave the club. This fee also continues once the player has left the club regardless if he or she is wanted in the senior set up.

David Agius said that"children should be treated with the dignity they deserve"  and that it was in everyone's best interests to provide a system which allows the healthy development of children and society.

Aguis will also be presenting a document to the Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Social Affairs, Anthony Agius Decelis which will advocate the development of open communication between the relevant parties in order to achieve an amicable solution.

The Sports Appeal Board will be utilised when such a result is not reached.

The board will be composed of three established and experienced people within the field, who will analyse and decide the case.

Agius also proposes that the board members would have the power to summon witnesses, investigate and appoint experts in the field.

Discussions on the proposal should also be extended to representatives of people involved in the field, this includes parents, nurseries, the MFA or other sports associations, in order to provide the Parliamentary committee with their expertise in achieving an appropriate solution which will benefit all children.

Outgoing  General  Secretary of the MFA Bjorn Vassallo, Parliamentary Secretary for Children and Sport Chris Agius, and Commissioner for Children Pauline Miceli all told The Malta Independent that they were in favour of reform on the issue taking place.



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