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INDEPTH: Konrad Mizzi is one of the best ministers – Zammit Lewis

INDEPTH online Friday, 25 November 2016, 12:41 Last update: about 5 years ago

Tourism Minister Edward Zammit Lewis says he is comfortable working with Konrad Mizzi because “he is one of the best ministers” in the way he manages his duties and his attitude towards his other colleagues.

Dr Mizzi was embroiled in the Panama Papers scandal earlier this year and lost his energy and health portfolio to become a No-Portfolio Minister. But Dr Zammit Lewis, while admitting that the scandal rocked the government he formed part of, said that now one must look ahead.

Interviewed by The Malta Independent online editor Stephen Calleja on INDEPTH, Dr Zammit Lewis said the Prime Minister took his decision and “we are a united group”.

He said that tourism has no saturation point in terms of numbers but admitted that the product Malta offers must improve.

Dr Zammit Lewis said it would be wrong to draw a line and say that Malta cannot accept more than a particular number of tourists, because one has to consider other factors such as length of stay and money spent.

But it is clear that Malta must be more organised, cleaner and better-equipped to improve the product it offers to tourists.

During the programme, Dr Zammit Lewis also said intends to seek to further his political career when the time comes.

Asked specifically whether he has an interest in the party deputy leadership and possibly even the leadership, Dr Zammit Lewis said he is among the youngest ministers who has given his contribution to the government's and party's work.

"I entered politics because I love politics and I can assure you that I was better off financially when I was carrying out my profession (as a lawyer). But, yes, my ambitions are to move forward in politics. Decisions will however need to be taken when the time comes."

Earlier this year, Dr Zammit Lewis stayed away from the two races for the post of deputy leader for party affairs, the first time when Konrad Mizzi was the sole contender in February and, three months later, when the post was up for grabs again when Dr Mizzi resigned in the wake of the Panama Papers.



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