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INDEPTH: Malta does not belong to us anymore but to the few - Mark Anthony Sammut

INDEPTH online Friday, 2 December 2016, 09:00 Last update: about 5 years ago

"Malta does not belong to us anymore but to the few." Dr Mark Anthony Sammut said this while being interviewed by Rachel Attard, News Editor of The Malta Independent, on INDEPTH. He said that the electoral promise of Malta Taghna llkoll was a very important promise because when it satisfied a psychological need at a time when people were feeling detached from their country.

Dr Sammut, who is the son of author and cultural consultant to former Prime Minister Alfred Sant Frans Sammut, and who had contested in two general elections, said that he still believes in this slogan but, unfortunately, it is not being applied at all. "The people who were given the right to run the country are only interested in taking care of and protecting their interests." Dr Sammut, who voted for the Labour Party in the last general election, feels he was betrayed by his own party. He said that this government is putting its backwards, where the economy comes before the person. 

Dr Sammut launched his latest book L-Aqwa fl-Ewropa. Il-Panama Papers u l-Poter a few weeks ago.  The content of this book was discussed during the programme along with other issues.   

During the interview he said his father would have suffered a stroke were he alive to see what Minister Konrad Mizzi and Chief of Staff Keith Schembri have done. He did not only criticized Prime Minister Joseph Muscat and his government but also gave reasons why the Nationalist Party leader Dr Simon Busuttil is the only attractive alternative for this country. He said that the government handled the Panama Papers scandal poorly.

"If Dr Muscat took Dr Alfred Sant and Minister Evarist Bartolo's advice, that he should tell Dr Mizzi and Mr Schembri to step down, I would have seen the situation differently," Dr Sammut, who twice contested the general election for the Labour Party, said.


He added that the "audit that the Prime Minister launched will lead to nowhere."

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