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Moviment Patrijotti Maltin call for referendum on integration

Friday, 30 December 2016, 11:04 Last update: about 4 years ago

Moviment Patrijotti Maltin have called for a referendum on integration.

A statement issued by the group said that it is shameful how the government has accepted €92 million in EU funds to facilitate irregular migrants, and help them integrate into society.

These funds, the group said, should first go to the 100,000 Maltese and Gozitans living in poverty and to help thousands of Maltese out of poverty and illiteracy.

"This is forced integration by the authorities, without government having an electoral mandate to carry it. It should be the Maltese people who decide through a referendum, a referendum which we have already collected thousands of signatures for".

They have called for the end of Schengen, for the Borg Olivier 1970 treaty to be re-enacted, for a referendum on integration, and for a census of Maltese and Gozitan residents. 

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