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'Being pro-business means being pro-worker', Prime Minister Joseph Muscat

Sunday, 29 January 2017, 10:23 Last update: about 4 years ago

"Being pro-business means being pro-worker" Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said during a phone-in with Radio One.

This comes after the National Statistic Office released figures indicating that the number of people registering for work stood a 3,021. The number stood at 4,760 in the corresponding month of 2015.

"With a lot of hard work, we managed to reach a record in our country’s history" he said whilst praising the fact that when the current administration entered into government a total of 8,000 people were unemployed.

The government will know begin to look at improving wages and the quality of the type of employment, in order to create a better quality life for both the citizen and the country as a whole" he said.

The government has also managed to reduce the number of youths, disabled persons, and persons over 45 registering for work.

"More work still needed to be done to assist the people who haven't yet gained employment" the Prime Minister said.

He went on say that the parents are now more at ease since they know that their children will be able to find employment once they leave school.

The government's work in unemployment is one the many successes of the current administration, he said, and he will be proud to tell European leaders about Malta during the summit of the heads of government of the 28 member states of the European Union, being held in Malta this coming Friday.

Dr Muscat also spoke of the infrastructural development of the country, pointing towards the approval of the Marsa Junction project as an indication that the government remains committed to undertake major projects after the current administration finished the Coast Road and began work on the Kappara Junction, he explained.


He also referred to the government project, through which school children today were enjoying free tablets and access to technology.


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