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Learn, adapt and innovate

Friday, 3 February 2017, 14:32 Last update: about 8 years ago

Martin Vella


Building and managing a website is overwhelming for business owners who are either strapped for time or do not have the right skill-sets. Mark Cassar, Creative Director at Casasoft Ltd is widely known as an authority on increasing customer online and web satisfaction. Martin Vella interviews Mark to discover why Casasoft Ltd is one of the highest-rated online and web services companies active in the digital market.



What is the history of CasaSoft and how has the company evolved?

CasaSoft started off in a bedroom way back in 2004, with the sole aim of providing a bespoke service to businesses wanting to expand digitally. The high level of demand led to CasaSoft’s incorporation in 2009 and today we are a team of eight highly creative designers, talented developers and strategic thinkers full of passion and innovation. Despite the changes in the online world since the inception of CasaSoft, one thing that has definitely remained the same is CasaSoft’s determination to deliver the ultimate level of quality.


You won Malta’s Best in Business Award in 2015 and 2016. How important are such awards for CasaSoft?

In November 2016, we won the Best in Business Award as the Best Online Web and Design Agency, for the second consecutive year. This award is presented to the company providing the best digital landscape, designing great experiences for customers along the way.

These are not our first and only awards, however. Amongst the various awards we have won, some of the most prestigious were the two International Design Firm awards – in 2015 and 2011 – and the Best Flash Website in the Digital Arts 2009 Awards. We believe that winning such awards provides proof to our clients that we are indeed leaders in our industry.


For someone like you, who understands what it means to groom the next generation academically, do you believe that leadership can be taught?

We invest highly to keep ourselves up-to-date with the latest technology. This enables us to provide our clients with the highest quality of service possible, while guaranteeing that their digital strategy is cutting edge. After all, what customers want to invest in, is a solution that can deliver exceptional results for a long-term strategy.

We strongly believe in continuous learning and development. In fact, at the conclusion of every project we ask our clients to participate in a satisfaction survey. This helps us to gain a deeper understanding of areas in which we need to improve and areas where we excel. The positive feedback we receive is the reason behind starting our 100 per cent money back guarantee and further confirms how confident we are in our high level of service.


When considering an investment, is your primary concern a great product and culture or is it more about having the right management team in place?

One of our most valued assets is, without doubt, our highly talented workforce. They shape our unique personality and demonstrate our passion for performance. We are always ready to learn, adapt and innovate in order to undertake any challenge and the ever-changing market dynamics. You can look at a challenge and choose to give up, but we decide to view every challenge as a new opportunity.


Do you believe that we are properly preparing for the challenges of the European Business Awards?

In September 2016, CasaSoft was selected as the National Champion in the European Business Awards, competing in the Award for Customer Focus category, which recognises organisations that have enhanced their prospects and profitability by putting the customer at the heart of their business. The EBA is Europe’s largest business competition and was established to celebrate business excellence and practice in the European business community. The second stage of this competition, in which members of the public can vote for their preferred company, opened last week. People can support us by watching our video and voting for us on the EBA website ( Your support is greatly appreciated!


How strong is the CasaSoft business today and is there good growth?

In a nutshell, our aim is to help businesses expand digitally – whether it is with design and branding, web design, web development, software development, web applications, and even marketing and strategy. We can do it all. The core principle of our business model is to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction and to deliver exceptional solutions. Most of our clients reach us directly, either because we are recommended by our previous clients or because they fell in love with our work. This gives us a high profile clientele, that trusts us in to provide them with innovative solutions. We are strategic thinkers. We listen closely to our client’s requirements and devise a custom-made solution which fits their needs while delivering exceptional results. In this regard, we believe we set the industry standards.

Last year was a very important one for us, as we saw our team grow from three to eight employees. We had a 106 per cent growth in sales – nearly twice that of the previous year – and our plans for this year are to continue expanding and growing. We have recently secured two big clients outside the EU and we are aiming to continue securing more large clients, both local and foreign.

Our vision is to always deliver the best results possible and to inspire others to excel. We aspire to reach both local and international clients who value a high level of service. We want to make life easier for our clients and for their target audience. The difference is in the detail, and this is why we work meticulously with our clients and collaborate with them throughout the process.


Corporate Note

CasaSoft is currently competing in the European Business Awards. You can support CasaSoft by visiting the EBA website on, watching CasaSoft’s short video, which summarises their story and, most importantly, voting for them. Your support is highly appreciated and valued!


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