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PD leader calls on EU to establish migrant centres ‘on its own territory’

Friday, 3 February 2017, 09:57 Last update: about 6 years ago

Democratic Party leader Marlene Farrugia today appealed to European Leaders to refrain from undermining further by their action or inaction the core pillars that support the EU concept, which needs to be seen to transcend EU borders and territories, and be applicable to any human life seeking our support.

In her statement, Dr Farrugia said that if Libya and other North African countries are unable to provide adequate protection for migrants and refugees waiting to be processed for asylum, the EU should establish these migration centres on its own territory and help the countries that take on the challenge, like Italy and Greece which have been contributing heavily in spite of their limited resources.


“Europe's financial crisis is over. Its economy is growing again. We will be able to provide employment for our citizens and the migrants,” she said.

In the long term the injection of new blood and human capital into our European economy will bolster our potential to grow in many directions including for eg agriculture which is not the employment of choice for this generation of homegrown Europeans.

Any major financial capital outlay by EU to address the refugee tragedy should remain and be redistributed in Europe.

EU countries who refuse to share the burden physically though able to do so, should be made to contribute financially to help the EU countries who wish to contribute towards the humane handling of this by product of human excess resulting in war and environmental destruction and consequently human displacement.

“We cannot as Europeans, solve this tragedy by creating more human tragedy in North Africa. If it is not yet feasible to set up safe migration processing outposts due to instability and poor human rights record outside EU's immediate borders, then EU must take the lead as a world leader and lead by example. Actively Help Greece, Italy and any country which is willing to contribute. Ultimately we all stand to gain by a stronger, more stable EU.

“Conversely we all stand to lose if we turn our backs on our European credentials and sow the seeds of more radicalisation and terrorism, by condemning migrants and refugees to more exploitation and human tragedy, in countries still struggling with their own festering wounds.”

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