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Updated: UHM says ‘difficult’ BA Chairperson ‘intimidating, bullying’ staff, management

Rachel Attard Thursday, 23 February 2017, 19:43 Last update: about 8 years ago

Broadcasting Authority Chairperson Tanya Borg Cardona’s “difficult” character “sometimes manifests itself in intimidation and bullying with the staff and the management,” UHM Voice of the Workers said in a statement this evening.

The union said “both staff and management are finding it very difficult and too stressful to work with Ms Borg Cardona. There is so much stress and they are feeling overwhelmed, that is not allowing them to concentrate and do their job properly.”

The UHM said that, “BA workers are all frustrated and as a result of all this decided to write a letter to Prime Minister Joseph Muscat.” In this letter they expressed their concern on the way the current Chairperson is behaving.

In the letter, which is in the form of a signed petition, the workers stressed that since the authority has been under Ms Borg Cardona’s leadership, the work “took a big blow.” According to workers, “Ms Borg Cardona has absolutely no idea about the field of broadcasting and, having been at the helm for the past 13 months, she has contributed nothing to protect and promote broadcasting law.”

The workers said that, unfortunately, the Broadcasting Authority ended without a vision and without plans for the future, especially now that general election is approaching.

According to the UHM , in their letter to the Prime Minister, the workers are saying that the Chairperson often said in public that she does not care what the Constitution says and nor is she updated on laws and regulations.

In the same letter, BA workers explained how the chairperson took the decision to transfer the Authority from its  existing buildings in Mile End Road, Hamrun – a house developed according to the requirements of the Authority - to the new site in Valletta, which it rents, and which is restricted and inadequate for the needs of the Authority. It was said that the board members was also kept in the dark regarding the new premises.

Workers who spoke with Voice of-the Workers have expressed their anger because their work is not appreciated.

UHM said one of the workers told it that, “in the Authority there are many people, competent and intelligent people, who are discouraged and their motivation is being systematically slaughtered."

Another worker criticized the workflow, saying he and his colleagues are not given direction. "The Chairperson’s relationship with us workers is non-existent.”

UHM said that BA workers are saying that "uncertainty has reigned in the authority ever since Ms Borg Cardona became chairperson."

In the letter the Prime Minister was asked to take over this issue and address it in order to make the necessary decisions for the Authority to get back on track, function effectively and above all to give workers back the dignity and respect they deserve.

Ms Borg Cardona was appointed BA Chairperson a year ago and she replaced Mr Anthony J Tabone.

The Malta Independent sent questions to the OPM and to Tanya Borg Cardona, but so far no answers have been received.

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