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Wild statements will lead to unsustainable proposals - Edward Scicluna

Julian Bonnici Monday, 27 February 2017, 15:00 Last update: about 6 years ago

"Race to the bottom" politics will only result in unsustainable proposals before the next general election, Minister Scicluna warned the opposition during a press conference.

"Wild statements on minimum wage and energy will only create instability. Every proposal has to be doable," the Minister said.

Prof. Scicluna, along with Parliamentary Secretary for the EU Presidency Ian Borg, called the press conference to comment on the positive economic results achieved in the IMF, the European Commission, and other  international agencies reports.

This, he said, showed that Malta's economy was strong and 'robust'.

It was important, Prof. Scicluna explained, that the country continued to progress sustainably and distributed its wealth.

He said that the reduction in unemployment and poverty is a clear indication that the government is working towards creating an inclusive society. This has meant that inequality in the country is the fourth lowest in the EU, he said.

He also said that deficit has reduced, contrary to reports, although he did admit that there is still a lot to be done.

"We are addressing the issue of poverty with pensioners. We did so in the last budget and we will continue to do so," he added.

"Early school leavers is still an issue but it is decreasing every year".


"People though should give credit where credit is due. The energy plan was not easy and remains controversial but was essential for economic growth," he went on to say.

The minister accused the media of damaging the government's reputation by releasing a number of false reports.

"It is not truth that 1,000 German nationals hold hidden accounts in Malta. In fact, both German and Maltese tax authorities exchange this information every year."

PN Reaction

"After four years ignoring, ridiculing, and attacking the Leader of the Nationalist Party, Joseph Muscat is panicking  and has forgotten his false positivity and started putting fear in people" A Nationalist Party statement read.

The statement then pledged that should they be elected the PN will investigate and purge corruption, deliver business a sense of serenity, lower income tax for small business on 10% of the first € 50,000, improve the environmental field, solve the traffic problem, help those 'forgotten' by Dr Muscat.




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