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PL says Simon Busuttil’s actions go against spirit of party financing law

Wednesday, 8 March 2017, 11:18 Last update: about 4 years ago

The Labour Party said that while the government was working, supposedly in harmony with the Opposition on the new party financing law, the Nationalist Party chose to go behind the government's back and come up with schemes such as the cedoli loan scheme and produce fake receipts for donations.

Minister Owen Bonnici, accompanied by Minister for Tourism Edward Zammit Lewis, has this morning addressed a press conference on the db Group and PN saga which erupted on Sunday.


"GRECO used to criticize harshly the lack of regulation on party financing in Malta. And I have personally met with representatives from each and every party to set up the new law. Later we come to know that the PN was working, behind everyone's back to bypass this law through different schemes."

He insisted that this db Group saga proves Simon Busuttil is fake.

Minister for Tourism Edward Zammit Lewis has reiterated a set of questions he asked in a previous press conference when the story broke out. "What other businesses are involved in the party structure? Why didn't Simon Busuttil act before?"

Minister Zammit Lewis said that these actions by the leader of the Opposition go against the spirit of the party financing law.

This newspaper asked Minister Owen Bonnici about whether the government would consider having full-time MPs. However, Dr Bonnici advised that one should not lose focus on the subject in question. 

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