The Malta Independent 22 September 2019, Sunday

‘Konrad Mizzi lies about me as he lied about Panama Papers’ – de Marco

Thursday, 16 March 2017, 14:31 Last update: about 4 years ago

No Portfolio Minister Konrad Mizzi lied about me in the same way he did about the Panama Papers, Nationalist Party deputy leader Mario de Marco said.

Apart from escaping from journalists, Konrad Mizzi is hiding the truth and trying to blame others, he said in a statement. Mizzi is doing this to defend himself against the grave accusations against him, including money laundering, in connection with the opening of a secret company in Panama.

On the ITS project, Konrad Mizzi first said that the value of the land was established by a private company, and now that this price is being criticised, he is trying to blame others for it. Dr de Marco said that he was not involved in any way in the establishment of the price for the land in question in the deal reached by the government with the db Group.

Instead of investing lies about me, Konrad Mizzi should answer journalists questions and not insult them, Dr de Marco said.

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