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Broadcasting Authority chairperson denies bullying, intimidation tactics

Rachel Attard Saturday, 18 March 2017, 10:26 Last update: about 7 years ago

Broadcasting Authority chairperson Tanya Borg Cardona has denied adopting bulying and intimidation tactics against BA employees, which have led to industrial action orderded by the UHM Voice of the Workers.

The following are replies to questions sent by The Malta Independent:

Do you deny the allegations that “due to your character you bully and intimate your staff?” If yes/no, why?



Workers said that as a result of your behaviour they are coming to work without any motivation. Have you spoken to them? If yes, what was the conclusion of the meeting? If no, why ?

Not to my knowledge.  The lack of communication was never communicated to me or the management.

Another allegation is that you have no idea of what the Broadcasting Law says. Is this true?

What I didn’t know I certainly know now.

Why did you feel the need to move the BA to offices in Valletta, which workers says “are restricted and inadequate for the needs of the Authority.” It was said that the board members were also kept in the dark regarding the new premises.

A board decision was taken about the move to Valletta.  It was discussed at board level and approved.

Why aren’t you informing the board members with the respective changes?

See 4 above

Since the workers wrote to the Prime Minister, have you met Dr Muscat? If yes, what was the conclusion of the meeting? If no, is a meeting scheduled.

No I have not met with Prime Minister. No there is no date scheduled to meet.

Why did you not attend the mediation meeting between the UHM and the Director for Employment and Industrial Relations?

It is the management who deals with the union and I left these things totally in the hands of management



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