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PN received over €1 million in donations in 2016, PL just over €600,000

Kevin Schembri Orland Saturday, 6 May 2017, 10:30 Last update: about 6 years ago

According to the donation reports submitted by political parties to the Electoral Commission, the Nationalist Party received a total of €1,170,186 in donations between January and December 2016, while the total amount received by the PL stood at €630,590.

The information is taken directly from the party donation forms published by the Electoral Commission and is information provided in terms of the party financing regulations.

It is interesting to note that the PN had almost double the total PL donations listed in 2016, given that the list obviously does not include the controversial ċedoli scheme.

Of the smaller parties, the Partit Demokratiku had the highest amount in donations received in 2016, while the Alternattiva Demokratika had the lowest.


Nationalist Party

Total donations not exceeding €50 collected during manifestations or events organised by the party amounted to €921,426. The total number of donors for these donations, as per the law, are not listed.

Total donations not exceeding €500 amounted to a total of €27,263.

Total donations exceeding €500 but not €7,000 amounted to a total of €202,888.

No information as to the total number of donors was made available.

Between January to December 2016, the Nationalist Party only had one donation by a natural person (an individual) exceeding €7,000, amounting to €18,549. This was given by PN MP Anthony Abela. Contacted by this newsroom, he said that all Parliamentary pay he receives he donates to the PN. According to the documentation, the PN, between the same period did not receive any donations by corporate entities or other entities exceeding €7,000.

The PN also did not indicate which months the donations were collected in.


Labour Party

No donations by natural persons exceeding €7,000 were reported by the PL, however there were seven corporate entities with such donations. Attard Bros Co Ltd donated €10,000, Eurocraft Ltd donated €10,000, Seaview & Sons Ltd donated €20,000, Hal Mann Holdings Ltd donated €10,000, BV Formosa Company Ltd donated €10,000, Camland Ltd donated €10,000, and Gap Holdings Ltd donated €10,000.

As for donations from other entities exceeding €7,000, the PL Marsaxlokk club is listed as having donated €13,000.

The PL received a total of €370,379 in donations given which amounted to less than €50 collected during a manifestations or events organised by the party.

This means that at minimum, 7,407 donors donated. As for donations not exceeding €500, €21,784 from 135 donors was received. For donations exceeding €500 but less than €7,000 from a single source, 77 donors donated a total of €145,427. All of these donations were made between September and December 2016, and are the only donations listed on the document.

The Partit Demokratiku received a total of €7,206 in donations in 2016.

The Alternattiva Demokratika received a total of €1,257 in donations in 2016.

The Moviment Patriotti Maltin received a total of €2,521 in donations in 2016.


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