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Watch: PL supporters take to the streets to celebrate another landslide victory

Gabriel Schembri Sunday, 4 June 2017, 17:33 Last update: about 7 years ago

Labour Party has managed to obtain another landslide victory, and with a big win comes big and loud celebrations.

Hundreds started to gather in Hamrun in front of the Labour Party headquarters as early as 11am, when the election results were still coming in. In a couple of hours, organisers brought sound equipment, set up a stage and a big screen, and turned the political gathering into one huge party.

The heat and the presence of alcohol caused for some people in the crowd to faint. In fact, up until Joseph Muscat spoke at around 2:45pm, there were at least six people who had to be brought inside to rest. Paramedics were nowhere in sight. Police presence, however, was quite prominent.

But what was happening in Hamrun, was only the beginning of mass car-cading all over Malta. The centre for celebration spread like wildfire and buses packed with Labour Party supporters littered the streets of Hamrun, Santa Venera and Pieta', among others. Imsida, Valletta and Spinola were also invaded by PL supporters.

Originally, the plan was for Labour Party supporters to head to the Granaries in Floriana for an impromptu mass meeting. However, the event has now been postponed to Saturday night.

With the results of the general election coming in, marks the end of a relatively short election campaign. As the campaign comes to an end, political billboards also come down. The posters which littered our streets for the past five weeks, have been finally removed.

The faces of Joseph Muscat and Simon Busuttil stuck to a huge billboard will be a thing of the past. Or at least until another general election is called. 

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