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How candidates fared when compared to the 2013 election

Helena Grech Wednesday, 7 June 2017, 10:15 Last update: about 7 years ago

While last Saturday's snap elections have retained many familiar faces in Malta's political scene, some unanticipated movements have occurred, like Deputy PL Leader Chris Cardona just scraping by, and Minister Chris Fearne being elected on two separate districts. 

District one

In 2013, former Deputy Prime Minister Louis Grech stole the show by getting elected on the first count. Having resigned from politics, many of those who would have ordinarily voted for him now gave their vote to Environment Minister Jose Herrera. Dr Herrera went from being elected to Parliament on the 19th count in 2013 to managing an overwhelming number of votes on the first count over the weekend.


Nationalist Party (PN) MP Claudio Grech's position improved slightly, from being elected at the 22nd count in 2013 to the 19th count now.

PL MP Luciano Busuttil took a major hit on the first district after being eliminated over the weekend. In 2013, Dr Busuttil was eliminated on the 18th count. Due to other PL candidates being elected on two districts, Dr Busuttil managed to get elected to Parliament. Deo Debattista also made it for the second time in a row.

Outgoing PN deputy leader Mario de Marco remained consistent, and was elected again on the first count.

District two

As expected, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat continued to perform exceptionally well, having gained roughly 14,000 votes both in 2013 and 2017.

Former transport Minister Joe Mizzi did considerably worse in this district when compared with 2013 when considering he had been elected on the second count but now scraped through on the 23rd count.

Former Civil Liberties minister Helena Dalli took slightly longer to be elected to this district, from the 15th count in 2013 to the 22nd count now. But to her credit she made it to Parliament from two districts.

Former Parliamentary Secretary Stefan Buontempo did not make it to Parliament in this election, after only being elected in 2013 on the 15th count.

Despite being a PN backbencher, MP Stephen Spiteri got elected on the first count both in 2013 and 2017.

In 2013, PL MP Chris Agius had been elected to Parliament after initially being eliminated, but then being voted in due to a spot opening up. This time around, he made it on his own merit on the 27th count.

District three


Former justice minister Owen Bonnici surprised all by his negative performance when compared to 2013. He had been elected on the first count four years ago while this time around he was eliminated. He has however been elected on the 5th district, on the 23rd count.

Former home affairs minister Carmelo Abela managed to get elected both in 2013 and in 2017, on the 17th and 26th count respectively.

Former health minister Chris Fearne was elected on the first count, his second district, which is a testament to the public's full support of his performance. In 2013, he had even been eliminated from this district, further illustrating the massive jump in support.

Labour's Silvio Grixti is a newcomer while Mario Galea retained the only seat for the PN.

District four

Minister Konrad Mizzi, despite bringing an international spotlight onto Malta through his role in the Panama Papers scandal, did even better this year than in the 2013 election. He had been elected on the second count four years ago, while this time he was elected immediately on the first count.

PL MP Silvio Parnis also improved after being elected on the 10th count in 2013 to being elected on the third count this time round.

This is the second district where former Minister Fearne was elected on the first count, a huge jump from being elected on the 17th count in 2013.

Jason Azzopardi remained the only PN MP elected from this district.

District five

Prime Minister Muscat picked up the highest number of votes and was accompanied to Parliament by Owen Bonnici, who scraped through, and newcomer Julia Farrugia.

Former PL MP Marlene Farrugia turned Democratic Party Leader was elected on the 17th count in 2013. Back then she ran on the PL ticket. This time, running as a PD candidate under the PN ticket, she did not make it.

PN MP Toni Bezzina, despite being mired in controversy over his ODZ application - which was allowed by law - while being the author of the PN's environmental policy document, did about the same between 2013 and now. The PN won a second seat, unlike in 2013, via Herman Schiavone who ousted Stefan Zrinzo Azzopardi on the last count.

District six

PL MP Silvio Schembri registered a massive jump between the last election and this one, having been elected on the 17th count to the first count this time around. The absence of Marie Louise Coleiro Preca from this district opened the door for Robert Abela to be elected handsomely, while Roderick Galdes also retained his position.

The heavy-weights on the PN ticket were consistent, with MPs Clyde Puli and Ryan Callus being elected in both elections by a similar count.

District seven

There were many movements within this district between elections, with many major politicians shifting around where they will be contesting.

Former parliamentary secretary Ian Borg was elected on the first count in both elections. Former PL MP Godfrey Farrugia was elected on the 19th count in 2013. This time round, as a PD candidate, he failed to secure enough votes to be elected.

Jean Pierre Debono made it for the PN alongside Beppe Fenech Adami, while Silvio Schembri and Edward Scicluna were the protagonists for Labour (for both, it was one of two districts from which they were elected).

District eight

Former PN Deputy Leader Beppe Fenech Adami performed well in his stronghold over both elections, having been elected on the first count both times.

PL Deputy Leader Cardona was elected on the 8th count in 2013 but it took him 24 counts to get elected this time round.

Former finance Minister Edward Scicluna remained consistent and was elected through this district in both elections.

Therese Comodini Cachia, in her first attempt, made it, possibly obtaining the votes of Tonio Fenech who did not contest, while David Agius also performed well and grabbed the PN's last seat. It is the first time David Agius made it to Parliament from two districts (the other was the 11th)

District nine

Manuel Mallia, who had been sacked as minister over an incident where his driver shot at another car, but was later reinstated in a different portfolio, has paid the ultimate political price and failed to get re-elected. In 2013 he had been elected on the 20th count.

Michael Falzon for Labour retained his seat while Clifton Grima taking Dr Mallia's place.

Kristy Debono was the only woman to be elected on the first count, while Marthese Portelli also made it from this district.

Former PN heavy-weight George Pullicino suffered a thrashing. In 2013 he was elected on the first count. This time he was eliminated, his place taken by Karl Gouder. Robert Arrigo was elected from this district, making it his second home after he was also elected comfortably on the 10th.

District 10


Former PN MP Francis Zammit Dimech did not make it through like he did in 2013. Evarist Bartolo remained consistent while former parliamentary secretary Michael Falzon who had been removed because of his role in the Gaffarena-Old-Mint-Street scandal was re-elected on the 32nd count.

Manuel Mallia was also eliminated here despite having been elected on this district in 2013.

Former employment and education minister Evarist Bartolo dipped in approvals, from being elected in the 21st count to the 32nd now.

PN MP Robert Arrigo registered a 2,000 vote jump  after he was elected on the first count over the weekend. 

Marlene Farrugia registered a big feat in this traditionally PN stronghold, while Karl Gouder who had not been elected last time round was the third PN candidate to take a seat.

District 11

PN Whip David Agius performed strongly here, improving from election on the 22nd count in 2013 to the 16th count now. He earned many second preferences from leader Simon Busuttil who, as expected, made it on the first count.

PL MP Anthony Agius Decelis scraped through, having been elected on the 23rd count. In 2013 he was elected on the 14th. He is joined by newcomer Alex Muscat.

Edwin Vassallo returned to Parliament through the main door having been not elected last time but making it through after a lengthy court case.

District 12

Evarist Bartolo, like in 2013, was also elected to Parliament through this district. Former social solidarity Minister Michael Farrugia almost did not make it on this district after being elected on the 24th count, from the 15th count in 2014.

PN MP Censu Galea was surprisingly eliminated this time around. The same goes for former PL parliamentary secretary Deborah Schembri. Both got elected on this district in 2013.

Shadow minister for health Claudette Buttigieg scraped through on the 28th count, which is an improvement from being eliminated on this district in 2013.

Michael Farrugia retained his seat for Labour as did Evarist Bartolo.

District 13 - Gozo

Former Gozo Minister Anton Refalo was elected on the first count in both rounds and PL MP Franco Mercieca dropped considerably from being elected on the second count to being eliminated this time. In his stead, former Qala Mayor Clint Camilleri was elected from the PL ticket after the 15th count. 

Former parliamentary secretary Justyne Caruana also dropped slightly, since she was elected on the 10th count in 2013 and now managed a seat on the 17th.

Chris Said retained his seat while Marthese Portelli replaced Giovanna Debono on the PN team from this district.

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