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Waterpolo: Plumpton shines as San Ġiljan defeat Sliema, Sirens and Exiles share spoils

Stewart Said Saturday, 10 June 2017, 21:11 Last update: about 6 years ago



(4-2), (1-4), (2-3), (1-3)

Two direct league encounters and two wins. This is the summary of San Ġiljan’s league campaign so far as this time they defeated Sliema Frank Salt 12-8. San Ġiljan were overall better than their opponents and despite the Blues' efforts, the Saints were one step ahead and despite being still early, they look to be the best team.

Sliema didn’t have a bad game, but they didn’t keep their fierce start and as the game progressed they failed to regain their lead against a cynical San Ġiljan side that scored in important moments of the game. Goalkeeper Ryan Coleiro had a positive game, while other players also gave their contribution.

Ben Plumpton was the protagonist of the game as apart from scoring a poker, he was a continuous threat. Aleksandar Ivovic also had a good game while Andreas Galea and Dino Zammit worked hard all throughout.

Sliema had a flying start to the game, as they won the first session 4-2. They reacted after Plumpton’s opening goal with two goals by Molina and Aquilina. Plumpton equalised but Molina and Zach Mizzi made sure that Sliema finished the session with a two-goal advantage. At that moment, Sliema looked determined to win the game.

But in the second session, San Ġiljan reacted with two goals in the space of few seconds by Andreas Galea and Aleksandar Ivovic. This proved to be the important moment of the game, as this confirmed that when San Ġiljan are in a disadvantage, they can easily recover. Bugelli made it 5-4 for Sliema, but Dino and Matthew Zammit successfully put their team in the lead as they headed into the break.

San Ġiljan’s lead continued to build their lead gradually as they went 8-5 in front. Sliema scored twice from Mizzi and Spiteri Staines, while Plumpton scored his fourth goal of the game between them.

Mizzi responded to the goal of Ivovic in the last session, to keep his team’s hopes alive, but Matthew and Dino Zammit secured the win as they controlled the final actions of the game.

Sliema: R. Coleiro, J. Gabarretta, E. Aquilina (1), C. Cluett, G. Molina (2), K. Dowling, M. Spiteri Staines (1), L. Galea, J. Gambin, M. Meli, Z. Mizzi (3), N. Bugelli (1), Z. Sciberras

San Ġiljan: J. Tanti, P. Borg, A. Galea (2), T. Said, J. Galea, M. Zammit (2), B. Plumpton (4), Da. Zammit, A. Ivovic (2), A. Cousin, P. Fava, D. Zammit (2), T. Micallef

Referees: Massimo Angileri, Francesco Romolini


SIRENS ASC…………………………….6


(2-2), (1-0), (1-1), (2-3)

Sirens and Exiles Jetfreight took a point each as they finished 6-6 in a stalemate. It was a goal right at the end of the game by Sean Xerri de Caro that denied Sirens to stay with maximum points. It was a quiet match, where Exiles’ determination proved to be fruitful, as they were never in the lead but always responded after each goal scored by their opponents.

Sirens held the lead twice in the second session after goals by David Cutajar and Marc Grech, but Exiles equalised in both occasions through Nikic and Stellini. The second session was also quiet and after a span of a bit more than half of the session, Marc Grech scored what proved to be the only goal of the session to give his team a 3-2 lead before the break.

Slobodan Nikic scored his second goal of the game after the restart, but it was the time for Christian Presciutti to put his name on the score sheet to keep his team with a one-goal lead before the last session. Exiles started the last session determined to win their first point and scored in immediately from Nikic. But like the whole game, Sirens went again in the lead with the second goal of David Cutajar. Michele Stellini levelled again, and Exiles pushed for the goal that will put them in the lead for the first time.

But Sirens were given a penalty and Christian Presciutti made no mistake. They were destined to win the match, but in the last action of the game, Exiles had a man-up and with the last shot of the game, Sean Xerri de Caro beat Nicholas Grixti from close range to save a point.

Sirens: N. Grixti, J. Zerafa Gregory, C. Presciutti (2), J. Sciberras, M. Grech (2), I. Riolo, M. Sciberras, D. Cutajar (2), J. Napier, J. Brownrigg, L. Caruana, O. Gauci, C. Mercieca

Exiles: M. Castillo, J. Rizzo Naudi, D. Borg Millo, M. Stellini (2), T. Sullivan, S. Xerri de Caro (1), S. Nikic (3), K. Griscti, N. Paris, A. Bianchi, J. Bajada, L. Felice, S. Galea Pace

Referees: Mario Dalli, Thomas Pagani



OTTERS NIVEA..........................7

(1-3), (3-2), (3-0), (3-2)

Marsascala Transcripta stayed with maximum points after two games in the first division, beating Otters Nivea 10-7. A deserved win for Marsascala who were slightly better than their opponents during the game, but Otters showed that they are no pushovers as they were in the game till half of the last session. Croatian Andrija Vlahovic was again the protagonist for Pierre Borg’s team scoring six of the ten goals scored by Marsascala.

Otters caught their opponents off guard in the first session winning 3-1, as Jelaca and a brace by Edward Meli cancelled Vlahovic’s opener. Marsascala won the second session but still entered the break with a one-goal deficit.

But after the break, Marsascala took control of the game and after Navarro’s equaliser, Vlahovic scored two typical goals to put his team in a good position of winning the game. A controversial goal in the beginning of the session, continued to confirm the win for Marsascala, who controlled the game till the end.

Marsaskala: K. Schembri, J.C. Cutajar, N. Farrugia, D. Tully, A. Vlahovic (6), L. Grixti, K. Navarro (1), J. Busuttil, S. Micallef (2), M. Agius, D. Cassar (1), M. Cutajar, B. Dougall

Otters: M. Xerri, M. Borg Millo, A. Magri, L. Hyzler, E. Meli (2), D. Dimech, G. Mizzi (1), M. Jelaka (4), M. Paris, C. Zammit, M. Borg, C. Teuma

Referees: Stefan Licari, Thomas Pagani

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