The Malta Independent 15 August 2022, Monday

Maltese EU Presidency established European Public Prosecutor’s office and revised EUROJUST revised

Thursday, 29 June 2017, 15:31 Last update: about 6 years ago

"In the criminal law sector the Maltese Presidency achieved clear and tangible results on the legislative proposals regarding the setting up of the European Public Prosecutor's Office and the revision of the EUROJUST", said Minister for Justice, Culture and Local Government Owen Bonnici during the opening of the European Judicial Network this morning in Valletta.


The EUROJUST revision will result in an effective and coordinated system with regard to cross-border investigations and prosecutions.


Bonnici explained how the increase of organised crime, very often involving more than one member state, as well as other phenomena such as cyber-crime, requires the strengthening of basic concepts such as reciprocal trust, reciprocal recognition, and legal and judicial cooperation amongst member states. He said that all this is reflected in the interdependence of legal systems and in the work done by the Maltese Presidency.

Bonnici also referred to how the Maltese Presidency, together with the European Commission, worked on creating a system to facilitate a new and effective method for storing and sharing electronic evidence between one member state and another in cross-border criminal cases.

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