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Vlog: Still packing… Flight to Lebanon in a few hours… My message before we leave...

Saturday, 22 July 2017, 15:43 Last update: about 5 years ago

Who is agara? Have you heard about us?

No, don't leave just yet... I did that a couple of months ago!

'agara' in the Amharic Language reads – ‘Walking Together'… It’s the clear vision of the Foundation!

agara envisions a global community in which every individual is an equal partner in its development. The main idea is to invest in relationships within ongoing projects and communities and above all, empower their individuals, by coming together to cultivate a sense of growth, self-reliance, collaboration, and continuity… We often try to describe our projects as 'sustainable'-a project which can sustain itself once the volunteers arrive back home.


agara aims at basic humanitarian needs presented by several organizations, irrelevant of religious beliefs or cultural boundaries. This is why, as an organization,agara attracts any volunteers that are willing to enrich humanity irrespective of their experiences and beliefs.

What is PolèPolè?

Continue following this blog for the coming days, you will understand us much better!

In a nutshell... PolèPolè is the capping title for the foundation's current project. The past couple of years, PolèPolè gave its volunteers the opportunity of travelling to several countries around the world with the homogenous idea of setting up computer labs.

Yes... That's right!

An opportunity in Kenya two years ago pioneered this new idea and highlighted the importance of a computer as a basic need for any human being, especially after a humanitarian crisis. To learn more click here, as I found myself doing out of curiosity…

Why Lebanon?

Soon... Tomorrow... My next post will be inspired by an episode out of this country.

Abiding by the PolèPolè idea, throughout the next two weeks we will be delivering and installing a computer lab in a Community Centre at 'MajdalAnjar' in Lebanon.

'Hard work pays off'... this is exactly how the current opportunities that agara holds appeared. Communication by word of mouth and non-stop researching by a team of dedicated people has resultedin a number of projects entrusted to agara,  including; Romania, Kenya, Malta, and Lebanon.

Next up…

'Keen International' who will also be hosting us in their members’residence is a community organisation in Majdal Anjar, Lebanon. Their main aim is to provide training centres and community services to refugees, asylum seekers and any vulnerable people. Their community centre will now have the opportunity to set up classes making useof twenty laptops and other hardware. It is an incredible feeling to share a disused laptop (donated by many Maltese)which has now been refurbished and ready for new owners. As Nada, our host told us, through the use of a laptop, a refugee can learn something new and widen his contacts.Check Nada’svideo message to us here:

Getting to know agara and the amazing volunteers that form part of it became an instant priority the past few weeks... and now here I am... writing to you all my inspirations, thoughts and challenges for the next couple of weeks....

I will meet you tomorrow from the Middle East.

Adrian Cassar

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