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New initiative allows public to anonymously report abuse of social housing

Thursday, 7 September 2017, 11:43 Last update: about 6 years ago

The government has announced a new initiative which allows the public to report any abuse of social housing. Parliamentary secretary for social accommodation, Roderick Galdes, introduced the campaign at the press conference this morning.

The notion for the campaign, 'Accommodation for who really needs it',  is to stop abusers of the social housing system, a practice which is preventing others who are truly in need of social housing, Galdes explained.


The parliamentary secretary explained how the public will be able to call a free phone number - 80072294 - and report any abuses there. He also added that any calls made to the number would be anonymous and in full confidentially.

"Social housing is not a free for all. It is there to help the most vulnerable people in our society".

Galdes explained how the demand of social housing has increased and has not been made any easier with the rise of rent prices.

During 2016 the housing authority has seized 89 keys from people who were abusing social housing.

Galdes concluded that he is optimistic that the initiative will considerably reduce the amount of abuse that is taking place.

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