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Muscat ‘needs clear answer’ if Delia ‘accepts invitation to Waste Management Committee'

Sunday, 24 September 2017, 10:35 Last update: about 8 years ago

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat this morning said that he still awaits a clear answer as to whether Nationalist Party Leader Adrian Delia has accepted his invite to be part of the Waste Management Committee or not.

Muscat was speaking in a live phone interview on One Radio.

"I still have not understood whether the leader of the Nationalist Party is agreeing to our invite as part of the committee created by the government to see how we are going to move forward with regards to waste," he said, emphasizing the importance of the committee. "One of our criticisms from the Opposition has been that we do not include them enough," he continued. "We have learnt from that criticism and thought we would include the Opposition in this process as much as possible," he said.

"We need to know whether he is going to be involved," he continued, "I have understood that it is a no, but we need a clear answer."

Eradication of poverty accumuluated between 2008 and 2013

On his time abroad, Muscat said that after meeting prime ministers from other countries, he feels proud that the Government has succeeded in decreasing poverty.

"For another year we have managed to decrease the poverty in our country," he said, "that gives me the biggest satisfaction, more than economic success."

"It is useless being successful economically if the wealth is not spread," he continued, adding that he is "sorry" that "the Opposition misinterprets this point".

He added that is the principals of social and justice mobility, equality and unity which is the driving force "both in Malta and abroad, "and it is for these principals that we got voted in government again."

"We have managed to eradicated the poverty which came about under the Nationalist Party in Government between 2008 and 2013," he said. He continued to say that in order to "sustain" this "increase in wealth" such initiatives such as the movement of American Insurance company American Starr is moving to Malta, who confirmed their investment.

Blockchain system 'decreases bureaucracy'

Muscat added that this week's confirmation of introducing the blockchain system will "make it easier" and "less bureaucratic for our students." Talking about the past week, Muscat added that other successes include another road in the Kappara Junction opening, which will increase convenience, which he called "small but significant initiatives." He added that a new initiative by Transport Malta will come to the help of people when their cars stop/

"When cars stop in the middle of the road, a service will be provided where Transport Malta helps out," he said.

Muscat went on to say that whilst the Opposition is focusing on the coming week, the government is focusing on the coming generation.

"Whilst the Opposition is focusing on the coming week, we are focusing on the generation which is coming up," he said, mentioning the LEAD initiave which began this week. 

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