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Delia insists PN not against people seeking IVF treatment, government changed its tune

Rebecca Iversen Sunday, 8 October 2017, 12:12 Last update: about 3 years ago

PN Leader Adrian Delia this morning categorically declared that the Opposition is not against the government initiative to help women who seek IVF treatment abroad, but insisted that the party is proposing an amendment because the recent legal notice is not consistent with the country’s laws.

Speaking on Radio 101, Delia added that the government has realised this and has now proposed that the original IVF law be changed. This, he said, has confirmed that the PN was right all along.

The issue revolves around a legal notice, introduced in May, granting women who seek IVF treatment abroad 100 hours of medical leave.

Delia assured that the PN’s motion sought to amendment the procedures for such assistance, and that it had nothing to do with the person’s sex. He added that “the government should not try to go through the back door before discussing the law properly.”

The PN Leader said the Opposition is at this time neither in favour nor against such assistance and is merely seeking a discussion about the matter.

The interview also touched on tomorrow’s budget, with the PN leader again asking whether enough people were truly feeling the economic benefits of the surplus. “Not everyone is feeling the effect of all this economic wealth, especially those who are not making it to the end of the month on their wages, those who live on pensions, those who are struggling to pay rent and for those who do not have a roof over their head.”

Delia said the Opposition expected the budget to have two economic functions; one being an obligation to plan for the future, and the other that economic growth is shared justly throughout the country.

Delia also spoke about work-life balance, insisting that everyone should be able to live and work with dignity, without becoming to slaves to their jobs.

He also spoke about the Public Administration Act, confirming that the PN would be proposing several amendments, focusing on the scrutiny of such political appointees being conducted face to face.

The Leader of the Opposition was questioned about the upcoming elections for the posts of PN deputy leaders and executive committee. He said that he had pushed for the elections to be held close and was pleased that these will be held by the end of November.

Throughout the interview Delia emphasised with great effort that the PN will remain a strong and stable Opposition will truly represent the minorities in the country, which still matter. He also assured that the role of the Opposition was not just about constructively criticising the government when it needed to but also working to improve people’s lives.


PL statement

In a statement the PL said Delia had confirmed that he wanted to discriminate with Maltese women who seek IVF treatment abroad.

It said Delia wanted to make these peoples’ live more difficult than they already are. This was truly a case where the ‘new way’ was worse than his predecessor. 

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