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Tony Zarb labels protesting women as traitors, likens them to prostitutes

Friday, 27 October 2017, 07:30 Last update: about 8 years ago

Former Geberal Workers Union general secretary and now part-time consultant at the Office of the Prime Minister has labelled women protesting outside the PM’s office in Castille as traitors and has likened them to prostitutes.

An all-female group calling themselves Occupy Justice is protesting at Castille, decrying a nation shackled by impunity and calling for constitutional reform.

In a post on Facebook on Thursday evening, Zarb said that the women should not have gone to Castille but instead should have camped in Strait Street “and go back to the 1960s”. At the time, Strait Street was a place where prostitutes used to gather.

Zarb then goes on the label these women as traitors and who form part of “a gang of assassins” who want to gain power at all costs. “I’m sure that they will find someone to warm them up if they feel cold,” he said.

Zarb removed the above post this morning, and instead uploaded another, saying that, following criticism he received for his earlier outburst, Zarb told "those who vomited on me" that he has a right to express himself.

"If there is another attempt to close my Facebook (profile) I will do my utmost to find other ways through which to comment. I am being aggressive in my writing because it hurts me to see traitors doing harm to Malta."


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