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AUM Zonqor project should not go ahead before Cospicua campus is full - Bartolo

Rebecca Iversen Thursday, 16 November 2017, 12:38 Last update: about 5 years ago

Education Minister Evarist Bartolo believes that the planned American University of Malta campus at Zonqor Point should only start when AUM’s Cospicua campus reaches full capacity.

Earlier this week it emerged that only 15 students had enrolled for courses in AUM’s first year of operations.

AUM had originally planned to build a 90,000 square metre campus on ODZ land in Marsascala but, following public outcry and several protests the government had announced that the project would be split in two. AUM would operate from Cospicua’s Dock 1 and from a scaled down campus in Zonqor.

Works at the Cospicua site are lagging behind while no work has been carried out so far in Marsascala.

Speaking to TVM, Bartolo admitted that the number of students enrolled with AUM was below expectations, however said he was confident that the numbers would increase.

Bartolo again argued that the university needs time to build a good reputation. “To build a good reputation, it takes years. This is not like putting a teaspoon of coffee into a mug, adding some hot water, and then drinking it – it takes time.  Once one builds this reputation, then one can continue to develop,” he said.

“If I could give my advice it would be to strengthen the reputation of the University and the Cottonera campus and based on that, I would develop the other campus if it is needed. I am sure that the reputation and the attraction of this institution will depend on the first few years of those who go through the experience of attending this University.”

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