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Powerboat: VOOMQUEST announce Enemed as official fuels partner

Monday, 5 March 2018, 13:18 Last update: about 7 years ago

VOOMQUEST, the exciting new Motor Racing and Lifestyle Platform based exclusively in the European Country of Malta, has revealed its first major commercial partnership, announcing that ENEMED, the market leader in supply of land, aviation and marine fuels in Malta, has become the Official Fuels Partner to VOOMQUEST and to VQ’s first International Powerboat Championship, the stunning One-Design V2 Racing Class.

The Press Conference was held at the Labranda Premium Resort & Spa on the Malta Riviera, overlooking Gozo, Comino and the Channel that is the inaugural venue hosting VOOMQUEST 001 on March 22 to 25, 2018. The extensive racing programme over that weekend will be run under the experimental auspices of Monaco-based International nautical motorsports Governing Body, the Union Internationale Motonautique (U.I.M.).


The VOOMQUEST 2018 V2 International Powerboat Championship season will feature 9 Races in total, across 3 spectacular new venues, with racing happening close to shore on Malta’s crystal clear blue waters. Spectators and motorsports fans at each of the new venues will benefit from a Formula 1 style approach to racecourse design, featuring an exciting mix of chicanes, hairpin turns, penalty lanes, and of course super fast straightaways. Each year the VQ Race Course design will remain similar, ensuring that just like in F1, fans and sponsors will be able to choose and enjoy their favourite viewing points from on the land and out on the water.

Speaking from the conference Kevin Chircop, Executive Chairman of ENEMED said: “We are delighted to have signed an exclusive Fuel Partner agreement with the rights holders of VOOMQUEST and to be supplying high quality Control Fuel to the organisation and to the V2 International Powerboat Championship. In addition ENEMED will be responsible for ensuring the racing fuel is consistent for all the V2 Teams. My Technical Team will be providing chemical analysis of organisation spot checks that will eliminate any question of fuel tampering in the minds of all the Team owners, making for a fair and more enjoyable Championship for everyone. ENEMED is proud to be powering the development of our brand as a leading player in this prestigious new Platform and we look forward to a long and successful business partnership with V2 and with VOOMQUEST on our high octane racing and lifestyle journey together.”

Martin McDonald, founder and CEO of VOOMQUEST responded: “We are thrilled to welcome Kevin Chircop and his ENEMED Team as the new VOOMQUEST Official Fuels Partner and into our rapidly evolving brand family. ENEMED is Malta’s premier and leading automotive brand in the fuels sector across land, sea and air and their presence and expertise will reassure Team owners, Government, Governing Bodies, and other brand owners about the serious and long-term intent of VQ to become a leading global motorsports and lifestyle platform brand. We begin with our first VQ motorsports property, the unique V2 International Powerboat Championship, around which we will demonstrate the synergies between ENEMED and our business, including that we are both driven by performance excellence and by delivering amazing customer experiences.”

Aaron Ciantar, co-founder and CTO of VOOMQUEST added: “The cutting edge design of the new VOOMQUEST One-Design Chaudron SVR27 V2 Class is the distillation of 14 years of powerboat racing experience during which I became UIM World Champion 5 times and our family-owned Chaudron factory became UIM Manufacturer World Champion 8 times. Everything we know about racing and the needs of Team owners and Pilots has gone into the production of this boat. The SVR27 is a professional racing craft and has a full canopy with every safety feature considered, designed and built in as a premium turnkey package. At VOOMQUEST we also wanted to reach an introductory price point that would help younger people to enter the sport in a sustainable way. Incredibly, our introductory price for the SVR27 is only €85,000, including everything the owner needs to be ready to race. After our launch of VQ and the V2 Championship in December in Valletta and before the season has started we already have 7 Teams, with 5 of those race boats already built and delivered in time for the first 3 races in March, and more to follow in June and September.”

The VOOMQUEST ethos is to marry high performance sporting entertainment on water with the very best in hospitality and business networking environments, all based in Malta, in multiple venues.  The Founders believe that we live in a new communications and consumer era, one where humans value high quality life experiences and sound-bite communications of and about the things that they love to do with their lives. VQ has been conceived to deliver a combination of unforgettable racing and lifestyle moments and meetings that will live on, long after the race boat wakes have calmed and those special social and commercial VQ Gatherings have blossomed into truly valuable relationships.

VOOMQUEST is further destined to become a powerful marketing platform for Malta given the focus of the organisers on reducing racing costs. With V2 the idea is to deliver high quality racing craft in a package that makes racing sustainable for Team owners and Pilots. In the long experience of McDonald and Ciantar in professional motorsport one of the biggest headaches for Team owners is the logistics and high costs of transporting boats around the world. With VOOMQUEST management deciding to race and deliver events only in Malta for the first 2 years these costs have been effectively eliminated. Therefore the VQ boats all remain in Malta, which has great International flight connections so the International Teams can travel anytime to practice or bring commercial partners, to race under the fantastic organisation of VOOMQUEST, and all under the sunshine of the absolute centre of the azure Mediterranean.

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