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Delia: By 2050 Europe will no longer be Christian

Noel Grima Sunday, 25 March 2018, 11:10 Last update: about 7 years ago
Last week, it was abortion. This week, it's immigration.
Speaking in a telephone link with Radio 101 from Gozo, PN leader Adrian Delia said that by 2050, Europe will no longer be Christian.
He was speaking about his impressions after the EPP meeting he attended these past days in Brussels..
Migration must be managed and Malta is in the forefront of this issue, he said.  Malta must get help.
Dr Delia also said he met European Commissioner Pierre Moscovici and spoke with him about Malta's financial sector.  The government is not doing enough to safeguard Malta's reputation.
That very same day came the news about the arrest of the Pilatus Bank owner in the US. The Maltese government has not done enough to address the issue.
Malta must work hard to stop its financial services sector from being affected by such news. Malta's reputation must be defended.
Also at the EPP meeting, a discussion regarding Brexit was held and it was instructive to listen to what the other leaders were saying as regards the possible impact of Brexit on Europe and also what opportunities for Malta there could be.
Dr Delia was in Gozo together with the two deputy leaders: they went from village to village and were welcomed everywhere. The people of Gozo have always looked on the PN as their preferred party and they showed their appreciation for what the party is doing by collecting €92,000 for the fund raising marathon that is being held today, apart from what they will be offering later on today. The party commits itself to drawing up a plan for Gozo together with the people of Gozo.
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