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DQR Group to establish headquarters in Malta, to employ 200

Wednesday, 18 April 2018, 14:27 Last update: about 6 years ago

DQR Group officially announced its decision to establish its headquarters in Malta, in the presence of Parliamentary Secretary Silvio Schembri who welcomed DQR Group to the fast-growing blockchain family in Malta, the government said in a statement.

“DQR’s contribution to the Maltese Government masterplan is essential as DQR Group is a strong, strategic ally when it comes to attracting the big player to Malta’s table, thus encouraging the broader community to migrate their services to Malta, bringing us closer to fulfilling our goal of becoming the obvious choice for companies operating in this sphere”, the Parliamentary Secretary said. Silvio Schembri added that discussions are already underway in safeguarding Malta’s future with the design of educational programmes in partnership with the University of Malta.


“Their presence will cement Malta’s reputation as The Blockchain Island”, he said.

Chief Executive Officer of DQR Group Dr Kristian Haehndal said that Malta will undoubtedly become the worldwide epicentre of the blockchain ecosystem in the near future and DQR Group is proud to contribute to its foundation.

DQR Group is a conglomerate of DQR, DQR-X, DQR-GIVE, and DQR-Services, with well-established partners Genesis Mining, Blockchain Consulting, Logos Fund, and Draglet. The headquarters were incorporated in Malta in January 2018. It is currently working on establishing DQR-GIVE, (Blockchain Foundation) which will donate proceeds originating from trading activities on DQR-X.

Currently, DQR Group employs around 65 employees - 35% internationally and 65% locally. DQR Group is planning that the workforce will increase by up to 200 people. So far, DQR Group has invested up to €6 million in operations in Malta to deliver the highest standards in software architecture, compliance, customer support, and brokerage systems. Here, DQR Groups aims at being the Gold Standard in the Blockchain Industry.

DQR Group currently has two offices in Sliema, one Operational activities and the other for Executive activities. DQR Group is aiming to provide holistic blockchain services, that is education and research (DQR), trading (DQR-X), and humanitarian support (DQR-GIVE). Other partners are expected to join DQR Group which will result in DQR Group to expand to crypto-banking, crypto-insurance, crypto-currency development for Malta, gaming on blockchain, and property on blockchain.


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