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INDEPTH: Malta is most built up place in Europe, it’s in a state of emergency – Graffiti

INDEPTH online Friday, 27 April 2018, 08:23 Last update: about 7 years ago

Malta is in a state of emergency due to the rapid overdevelopment that has taken place over the past few years, according to Graffiti Movement activist Andre Callus.

Interviewed on Indepth by The Malta Independent Editor-in-chief Rachel Attard, Callus said: "Malta is the most built up place in Europe," adding that the second most built up European country does not half the built up areas that Malta does.  

Callus referred to the movement's recent protest where its activists stormed a PA meeting that was discussing a new fuel station application.


Asked about claims, by the developers' association, that the activist group was exerting "illegal" pressure, Callus said: "Over the last few years these people (developers) have controlled the country, so much so that decisions taken by the PA board are exactly the same at decisions taken by the developers association, and they claim that we are the ones making illegal pressure."

He mentioned the case of illegalities at an Qormi petrol station which were eventually sanctioned by the PA, emphasising how such actions incentivised others to do the same.

Questioned over a Facebook status in which he called on the Prime Minister to resign, Callus said Maltese society was extremely partisan, and that people have complete trust in their political party and therefore tend to not be critical enough of them.

Callus noted that politics in Malta was deeply influential, and that people vote for their party because their life opportunities depend on it their party being in office.

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