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Declaration of assets: Adrian Delia loans total up to €713,356

Julian Bonnici & Kevin Schembri Orland Thursday, 3 May 2018, 07:44 Last update: about 3 years ago

Opposition Leader Adrian Delia’s declaration of assets to Parliament has revealed a substantial amount in loans, totalling up to €713,356.

Each year Members of Parliament are obliged to submit their declaration of assets, with Parliament acting as a repository for this information. MPs were given until the end of April to file their submissions.


Delia holds one BOV loan (€24,742), two Banif Bank home loans (€30,347 and €70,216), a Banif Bank loan (€19,051), an HSBC home loan (€508,000), and an HSBC bank loan (€61,000). His wife, Nickie Vella de Fremaux, holds €26,091 in savings at BOV. Other financial interests include the €209,644 (with profits) at Lifelink Growth.

PN Leader Adrian Delia declared in Parliament that the property he and his wife hold, include his residence (and the accompanied annexed property), located in Siggiewi.

They also owns a field in Rabat for family use.

Delia currently holds shares in Aequitas Management Ltd. (5,400 ordinary shares), Aequitas Trust and Fiduciary Ltd. (6,750 ordinary shares), Evolve Consultancy Ltd. (300 Class A shares), and Mgarr Development Ltd. (45 Class B shares).

He had also previously held 4,000 shares in Chris Nicola and Associates Ltd (now defunct).

Delia had resigned from all his directorships (Aequitas Management ltd., Aequitas Trust and Fiduciary ltd, Evolve Consultancy ltd., and Carnaby ltd.) He is still a subscriber with Frankef Ltd (10 shares out of 24,990) and Patiene Development Ltd, formerly Kefi Holdings ltd., where he holds one share.

For both cases, he listed that he had “no contact for years” with the two companies.

He is currently the President of the Fortunato and Enrico Mizzi Foundation and was the President of Birkirkara Football Club until 2017. 

Last September, a day prior to the PN Leadership election, Delia published his full statement of financial affairs.

In total, his shares in immovable property amounts to €2.3 million, investments from shares owned in companies amount to €40,565, his net position from a development in Mgarr amounts to €185,082 and other recoverable balances from related companies and related parties amount to €74,936.

With regard to bank financing, his home and personal loans amount to -€725,084, bank overdraft and credit card balanced amount to -€104,426, tax balances due amount to -€51,924 while interest and charges on tax balances due amount to -€34,859.

Overall, his net position stands at €1.6 million; however, his position was illiquid due to the lack of cash money.

The figures also showed he owed €51,924 in taxes and another €34,859 in interest and charges from overdue taxes.

Last Sunday, he told The Malta Independent on Sunday, that all his taxes - arrears, interest and charges - have now been settled with the taxman, down to the very last cent, after his final 2016 tax bill was paid.

He added that all that is left for him to do is to file his 2017 tax return by the end of June, like everyone else.

Simon Busuttil

Former Opposition Leader and now PN MP Simon Busuttil declared ownership of a single property in Lija in his declaration. He declared 166 shares in GS Ltd and 167 shares in Gansam Holdings Ltd (the other shareholders in both being Peter Fenech and Austin Sammut). He also declared two companies which are currently in dissolution.

In terms of deposits, he declared just over €35,000 in current and savings accounts in HSBC, and €300 in a Belgium account.

In terms of other financial interests, he declared a life insurance policy, and his salary when he was Opposition Leader.

Robert Arrigo

PN Deputy Leader Robert Arrigo declared that he is Chairman and Managing Director of Robert Arrigo & Sons Ltd.

He declared two properties under his name, including his own residence, and a property which is rented out. He declared part ownership, in terms of immovable property through the community of acquests, in a number of properties.

Arrigo declared that he owns 122,500 ordinary shares (worth €2.33 each) in a company called R.R.A Ltd, 300 ordinary shares in Robert Arrigo and Sons Ltd, 40 shares in Arrigo Caterers Ltd, 9,980 ordinary shares in A.G.A. Ltd (all the aforementioned seem to be family companies) and 840 ordinary shares in MHLG Ltd.

He declared around €203,000 in various bank savings and current accounts, including those in his wife’s name.

He also declared three Life insurance policies.

He is also the Chairman and Managing Director in R.R.A Ltd, Arrigo Caterers Ltd, A.G.A Ltd and is a Director on SIT (Individuals) Ltd.

David Agius

PN Deputy Leader David Agius declared that he is a manager at the Malta Freeport Corporation.

He declared one property used as a residence owned by him and his wife. Agius declared close to €60,000 in terms of funds. He also declared a UBS (Lux) Bond fund worth €13,548.

Mario de Marco

Former PN Deputy Leader Mario de Marco declared ownership, and part ownership, in a number of properties. He declared as holding 1,500 class C shares in I.C.S Co Ltd (along with other shareholders Gianella de Marco and Paul Camilleri), and as having €25,889 in savings with Lombard Bank.

He also declared loans with Lombard Bank worth close to €170,000, and a €23,000 overdraft facility.

Beppe Fenech Adami

Former PN Deputy Leader Beppe Fenech Adami declared a percentage share in a number of properties.

He also declared 8,400 ordinary shares in Malta International Airport, 2,072 ordinary shares in BOV, 1,000 ordinary shares in Loqus Holding PLC., and 305,700 bonds in “a number of companies and MGS”

Fenech Adami declared €240,707 as deposits in various bank accounts, and a €204,726 HSBC home loan.


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