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FUSO at a glance

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FUSO is one of the brands of Daimler Trucks, present in nearly all regions around the world including; Asia, Africa, Latin America, Europe and the Middle East. FUSO is more than a global player. FUSO is a proven global brand. Established in Japan in 1932, today it is one of the largest manufacturers of commercial vehicles in Asia, with branches in 150 countries on five continents. FUSO has been an integral element of Daimler Trucks since 2004. FUSO's light-duty to heavy-duty trucks (GVW 3.5-49 tons), vans, industrial engines, and buses are sold in more than 160 markets. The Fuso brand is based on four core brand values; Trusted Quality, Economic Efficiency, Solid & Functional Design, and Committed Services.

The FUSO Canter is the only light-duty truck in Daimler 's entire portfolio. With their joint experience from more than 80 years of commercial vehicle manufacturing, Daimler and FUSO share a major goal: the development of new drive systems on the road to emission-free driving. FUSO set an important milestone with the Canter Eco Hybrid - the first series-production hybrid light-duty truck in Europe. Together, the brand offers customers first-class services and access to a tight-knit after-sales network.

Worldwide, the Fuso Canter is the best selling Daimler truck model. A dense European service network ensures high service quality.

Fuso Canter Range

3C13/3C13D, 3.5t GV, comfort single or comfort crew cab, output 96kW (130hp), wheelbase 2500-3850mm

3C15/3C15/3C15D, 3.5t GV, comfort single or comfort crew cab, output 110kW (150hp), wheelbase 2500-3850mm

6C18/6C18D 4WD, 6.0t GV, comfort single or crew cab, output 110kW (150hp), wheelbase 3415-3865mm

7C15/7C15D, 7.5t GV, comfort or crew cab, output 110kW (150hp), wheelbase 2800-4300mm

7C18/7C18D, 7.5t GV, comfort or crew cab, output 129kW (175hp), wheelbase 3400-4750mm

9C18 AMT, 8.5t GV, comfort single, output 129kW (175hp), wheelbase 3400-4750mm

The Canter 3.5t has the smallest turning circle in its class and a cab width of 2 m, it can be driven in to places that are out of bounds to others. And without compromising on ride comfort: the cabs are spacious, and the independent wheel suspension provides for a pleasant yet dynamic driving experience. The Canter is as easy to drive as a passenger car. With the longest body length in the segment, the Canter 3.5t also offers plenty of scope for individual bodies.


The off-road capability of the Fuso Canter 6.0t 4x4 makes it the ideal choice for all applications where operation away from surfaced roads is also required, that is to say on construction sites. The all-wheel drive can be engaged and disengaged on the move and therefore offers good fuel efficiency. A rear-axle differential lock is fitted as standard. Customers have the choice of a comfortable single cab and crew cab with wheel bases of 3415mm and 3865mm. The chassis load capacity ranges from 3500kg to 3735kg. Thanks to the geometry of all wheel drive system, the angle attack is 35 degrees, as opposed to 18 degrees for the Canter 4 X 2 - while the angle of departure is 24 degrees as opposed to 11 degrees.


The Canter 7.5t and 8.55t takes such weight in its stride, followed close on its heels by the 7.49t variant with a chassis load-bearing capacity of 5t. Both are also extremely agile - because they are lighter than the competition. A high load-bearing capacity is not the only accommodating merit offered by the Canter: its low entrance is a boon for drivers whose work entails them frequently climbing into and out of the cab, the new standard-specification


The Canter Eco Hybrid is a genuine pioneer: the first series-production hybrid light-duty truck in Europe. Embodying 20 years of hybrid expertise. Made for your everyday work environment - inner-city delivery transport and environmentally sensitive zones. At an attractive purchase price which pays off in a matter of a few years. The Canter with its powerful engine not only reduces fuel consumption by up to 23% while on the move - it also gains energy during braking. That really cuts costs. And emissions, too. The Canter Eco Hybrid is the truck of the future.


The traditional, practical strengths of the Canter remain unchanged; good manoeuvrability, turning circle, the space saving cab over engine layout, the rugged design, the unobtrusive positioning of the shift lever in the instrument panel, the enhanced safety thanks to the strong cabin design and the lower brake wear as a result of the standard engine brake.


For further information and enquiries please contact Auto Sales Ltd - Kinds, Gabriel Micallef, telephone 23433601 or at [email protected]

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