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Delta Summit 2018 – Malta's official blockchain event

Silvio Schembri Friday, 8 June 2018, 08:19 Last update: about 4 years ago

A few weeks ago, the DELTA Summit was launched. This is the Malta Government Official Blockchain event which will be organised between the 3rd and 5th October. It will be the peak of a  journey we have embarked upon. It was in February this year when as a government we launched our vision translated into the document ‘Malta-A Leader in DLT Regulation.’ This was a vision that was very well-received by leading companies in this sector such as Binance which announced their decision to relocate in Malta.


The three bills – the Malta Digital Innovation Bill, the Virtual Financial Assets Bill and the Innovation Technological Arrangements Services Bill are now at the second reading stage in Parliament, making Malta a step away from becoming the first world jurisdiction to regulate in a holistic approach to an industry that within 10 years time is likely to be as big as the gaming industry.

Thus , the DELTASummit will serve as the ideal platform to showcase how far Malta has gone in its drive to become an innovation pioneer. Speaking of Malta as a pioneer of innovation was something unheard of. However, this administration made it its mission to embrace and boost innovation and to do so, embracing new technology is key.

As a government, we looked into regulating the Blockchain industry by providing legal certainty based on three main principles; market stability, market integrity and consumer protection while making sure not to stifle innovation.  

This was something that was noticed by one of the most vociferous and outspoken figures in this sector, the American entrepreneur Tim Draper when participating in a fireside chat during the launch of the Summit.  

It was his first time in The Blockchain Island and in his own words “ Malta has a big lead on other countries and by setting up the regulator you are putting Malta at the top of the list.” 

This was something that was affirmed in the video message by Binance CEO and founder Changpheng Zhao who expressed his satisfaction about  the legal clarity Malta, as a jurisdiction is providing to this space to flourish. Malta’s first mover advantage has produced a ripple effect with world companies have already committed themselves to bring over their expert teams , expertise and know-how to sustain our ecosystem and to achieve our vision, that is making Malta the Blockchain Island.

The DELTA Summit is the leading summit for the global blockchain and crypto community held in the country pioneering the regulation of this industry. It is a gateway to what a futuristic blockchain based will look like. High profile speakers such as Changpheng Zhao himself , Dr Larry Sanger Co-Founder of Wikipedia and several others that have already announced their participation in the summit and other big names will be announced soon.

The DELTA Summit will expose the innovative legislation and opportunities not only to the locals currently residing in Malta but to the global community. Malta will firmly establish itself as the innovator and as the ideal space for companies that operate within this space to operate from here. The Delta Summit will celebrate DLT technology , the legal platform Malta’s government is providing and it will unleash the Blockchain Revolution with Malta at the forefront.  

Blockchain enterprises, startups and investors will be able to meet, share insights and also build the future of Blockchain together. The Delta Summit will fuel discussion on new emergent technology on a national and international level. It will be a testimony of a forward thinking government that took regulatory initiatives to provide a safe haven for different companies that want to come and have their home base here in Malta. Turning our back to new technology is not an option. Nowadays, what distinguished one jurisdiction from another is the use of new technology and our work is proof of Malta’s credibility as a jurisdiction.

We are overwhelmed by the positive reaction we are receiving from the world’s top thought leaders, innovators and experts in this space.  So why should one be part of DELTA Summit? It will expose Malta as a trailblazer of this new industry. It will showcase the ever-growing Blockchain community in Malta. It will be three days during which one can connect with several that are spearheading the Blockchain Revolution, where one can understand closely Malta government’s vision for this industry and where one can meet the regulator.

Malta will be the epicentre of the Blockchain industry. I invite stakeholders, operators within this space, investors, entrepreneurs and innovators to be part of yet another exciting chapter for Malta and be part of the Blockchain Island.


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