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Updated (2): Prime Minister says full Egrant inquiry report to be published in coming days

Wednesday, 25 July 2018, 18:12 Last update: about 5 years ago

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat reiterates his position that he intends to publish the entire independent inquiry on Egrant by Magistrate Aaron Bugeja, his office said on Wednesday evening.

“A process is underway whereby the lengthy inquiry is being thoroughly analysed with a view of making sure that its publication does not intrude the privacy of third parties, hinder investigations and possible proceedings,” the OPM said.

Only 49 pages out of the 1,500-page volume were published on Sunday, with the Attorney General saying that the publication was being limited to the principal conclusions and closing comments to protect the privacy of third parties, and to safeguard ongoing related investigations.

The Prime Minister has a copy of the full report.

Opposition Leader Adrian Delia this week wrote to the AG, asking for a full copy of the report. He said the Opposition was at a disadvantage since it did not also have a full copy.

Replying on Wednesday afternoon, AG Peter Grech said he had not changed his mind about publishing the entire report.

The Attorney General rounded off the statement by saying that the conclusions were published due to the element of public interest and the impact on the country. He argued that it was an exception that the AG published the conclusions of an inquiry that wholly address the questions made to the Magistrate.

Reacting, Adrian Delia said he will take the matter to court. “Following AGs inexplicable and biased decision to deprive the opposition from having the full report of the Bugeja’s inquiry I shall be immediately filing court proceedings. National interest first,” the PN Leader tweeted.

But in a statement later in the evening, the OPM said the report would be published by the PM, even if this went against the AG’s position.

“This process is being taken very seriously, also given the Attorney General’s position against publication.

 Whilst appreciating the Attorney General’s position and the fact that he already published the conclusions, which are the essential part of of the inquiry, the Prime Minister is still of the opinion that it is in the public interest that the whole inquiry is published.

 This is also in light of the fact that it has now been proved that there was an orchestrated effort by individuals to use forged documents in order to attempt a frame up against the Prime Minister and his family, and, most importantly an attempt to destabilise the country’s institutions.

 The review process is expected to take another few days and the publication will take place as early as possible.”




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