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Wet underfloor heating: An economical and ideal heating solution for our Maltese climate

Friday, 14 September 2018, 10:19 Last update: about 12 months ago

A 'wet' underfloor heating system pumps warm water through piping under the floor, taking advantage of the basic principle that heat rises. Warmth from under the floor is then radiated upwards into the room. By comparison conventional radiators work by convection currents. As the radiator warms up, the warm air rises to the ceiling, resulting in the warmest partof the room being the ceiling. This leads to a feeling of uncomfortable heat while standing but cooler while sitting down due to drafts created by this convection effect. With underfloor heating designed, installed and maintained by a reputable supplier, warmth is released more evenly as the whole floor becomes the heat source and thus a more comfortable environment is created.


Installations in Malta have proven this to be ideal for the humid Maltese climate. Underfloor heating mats are installed on a concrete screed followed by a layer of insulation. Running through the mat is a continuous tube circulating water which can be heated up to 50⁰C connected to a centralised boiler or a heat pump system.

The standard finishing application would then be to overlay the underfloor heating system with ceramic tiles, marble orlaminate floors however other finishing applications such as wooden parquet and concrete can also be designed. Temperature control is achieved by a digital thermostat which can be programmed around your daily routine and also remotely accessible via smartphone or tablet. This smart control allows residents to maintain optimal comfort when needed which adds to the comfortable, efficient and economical solution that is wet underfloor heating.  

Underfloor heating radiates a nice equal temperature across the floor which rises evenly across the whole room. Floor temperature will reach a pleasant and comfortable level, with aneven temperature from the floor to the ceiling.

No more cold feet, hot head and uncomfortable drafts. For more information on such systems contact Panta Lesco on 21441361 or [email protected] 

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