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Paul's homosexuality

Sunday, 11 November 2018, 07:56 Last update: about 2 years ago

In an article entitled "Paul's homosexuality: rumour or reality?", Marian T. Horvat, Ph.D., refers to an interview in the Italian magazine Tempo (April 1976) in which French author Roger Peyrefitte accused Pope Paul VI of being a homosexual, after the Pope had expressed his disapproval of homosexuality in a homily (January 1976).

These accusations were repeated in 1994 by Franco Bellegrandi - professor of modern history at Innsbruck University and a former member of the Vatican Noble Guard - in his book Nichitaroncalli

Bellegrandi wrote: "In Rome and throughout Italy, the rumour was that Paul VI was a homosexual. When he was Archbishop of Milan, he was caught by the police one night wearing civilian clothes and in not so laudable company."

Archbishop Montini had "a special friendship with an actor... The relationship continued and became closer in the years ahead. An official of the Vatican security forces told me that this favourite of Montini was allowed to come and go freely in the pontifical apartments, and that he had often been seen taking the papal elevator at night."


John Guillaumier

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