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Malta has highest petrol price, net of duties and taxes, in the EU

Sunday, 16 December 2018, 08:52 Last update: about 10 months ago

From where is Enemed Co. Ltd procuring its supply of petrol? Why does Enemed fail to secure its petrol supplies through the European Union “Tenders Electronic Daily (TED)” to obtain the lowest price possible?

At 60.316 cents per litre, Enemed is procuring petrol net of duties and taxes, at the highest price in the EU 28. This price includes the profit margin, so Enemed is likely making a good amount of profit from its procurement of petrol. It could even be robbing Maltese consumers, given its monopoly status. (

In the EU 28, the average price of petrol, net of duties and taxes, is 52.377 cents per litre, that is almost 8 cents less! In The Netherlands, the price of petrol, net of duties and taxes, is 47.146 cents per litre – 13 cents less than Malta.

It is evident that there is something wrong with Enemed’s procurement of fuel. Ironically, the price of diesel, net of duties and taxes, is only 56.997 cents per litre – the lowest in the EU 28!

What is the reason for this situation? Is it because Enemed has some competition in the supply and sale of diesel from a couple of local companies? What are the Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority (MCCAA) and the Regulator for Energy and Water Services (REWS) doing regarding the importation, storage and sale of petrol in Malta? Are they asleep?

Is Enemed exempt from the Sixth Schedule of Legal Notice 427 of 2016? What is the amount of biofuel content in petrol in Malta? (

What happened to Table 12 of the National Renewable Energy Action Plan (NREAP) of 4 May 2011?

Why is Malta allowed to infringe the Renewable Energy Directive of the EU? Is the European Commission asleep as well?

Are the authorities aware of the amount of emissions produced by the 230,355 vehicles that use petrol and the substantial reduction in emissions if these vehicles used E10 – petrol mixed with 10 per cent bioethanol?

When is Enemed Co. Ltd going to publish its most recent Financial Statement?

Who is protecting the Maltese consumer if the local authorities and those in Brussels could not care less! It is no wonder that the majority of British consumers decided to leave the EU.

Alfred A. Farrugia

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