The Malta Independent 23 September 2019, Monday

Children’s Commissioner joins pope in plea for migrants to be brought ashore

Monday, 7 January 2019, 14:39 Last update: about 10 months ago

The Children’s Commissioner has joined Pope Francis in a plea for 49 migrants, including children, to be brought to shore. The migrants have been stranded at sea since before Christmas.

The plight of child migrants The Office of the Commissioner for Children is following the plight of the migrants aboard the two rescue vessels with deep concern. These migrants including women and children have been stranded out at sea for the past three weeks, Commissioner Pauline Miceli said in a statement.

 The office said it believes that the fundamental right to health and safety of those aboard the sea vessel, especially that of the children and unaccompanied minors, trumps any diplomatic negotiations that are holding up the disembarkation of these migrants in a safe port.

The office joined the the Pope and other entities in appealing for all political leaders, at national and European Level, to cooperate on a humanitarian level to ensure that these migrants are brought to safety.

While commending the Maltese Government for opening its port to the rescue ships, the office appealed for solidarity and the voice of reason to prevail. It urges governments to step up their negotiations and find a solution to save these lives. A long term strategy to prevent similar incidents from recurring is paramount.



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