The Malta Independent 22 February 2020, Saturday

Corinthia deal not good on many fronts

Francis Zammit Dimech Wednesday, 16 January 2019, 10:10 Last update: about 2 years ago
In his vlog on the Malta Independent MEP Francis Zammit Dimech refers to the Corinthia deal whereby the government is planning to give public land to Corinthia group for a very cheap value. He says that this is another example of how the government is not respecting people. He said that Konrad Mizzi was negotiating land which is ours, land which is in a prime touristic area and giving it away for a pittance. Konrad Mizzi wants to give land valued Euro 800 million for just 51 million. This shows that either he is incapable of negotiating or else there is something very wrong.
Zammit Dimech, a former Tourism Minister said that previous PN administrations had given land for touristic purposes to promote and develop tourism and generate jobs for Maltese people. He said that PN had nothing against Corinthia that served as a flagship for Malta even beyond our shores. Yet he insisted that land is now being given for a ridiculous price. This is unacceptable especially when land will not serve for tourism purposes but also for real estate.
Zammit Dimech recalled how young people seeking to buy the first property had to pay thousands but Corinthia was being given an advantage. He asked if the government will be giving young people the same opportunity to buy land for cheap like Corinthia. He also referred to concerns raised on land reclamation options reported in the media. He said that this can lead to a precedent and remarked that residents of for instance Xaghra had already raised a lot of concerns.
Whereas the government raised the matter during the Christmas period when people are alienated, the opposition will not let this deal go through without scrutiny and will oppose this deal. This land is not owned by the government, it belongs to the people. PN will defend the rights of people and seek the truth concluded Zammit Dimech.
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